Cara's challenge this week includes an homage to the great Christopher Walken.  If you don't like it, he'll stare at you until you die from shattered nerves. ;)
“Larry’s isn’t the swankiest restaurant in town but they serve one hell of a brisket sandwich.”

“This was a pretty cool idea Eddie, thanks for bringing me here.”

“No problem Joe. I was stoked when I heard you were out here on the auction circuit. So what’d you get good?”

“Not much today. Most of the lockers were full of crap. I can never think when that annoying guy shows up at an auction.”

“Oh you mean, that guy Dave from ‘Storage Wars’?”


“Too funny, sorry about you luck though.”

“It’s no big deal really. Last week, I picked up a locker that belonged to Christopher Walken.”

“Are you sure, how do you know?”

“I found a few mementos from some of his movies, plus there was a Christmas stocking with CW embroidered in the trim.”


“I emptied out the candy and trinkets and found a cowbell in the toe!”


“I know that’s pretty wild right?”

“It’s not that, I think have the bubble guts.”

“The what?”

“You know, like diarrhea? ”

Joe set his sandwich down. “Wow Eddie, thanks for sharing!”

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