“Hey it’s great to meet you, Chris. Carrie’s told me all about you.”

“Thanks, I’ve never gone to a personal art exhibit for a date before,” Chris said.

Margot smiled. “What better way is there for us to get to know each other quickly? Here let me show you my favorite piece.”

“It looks like a calendar,” he said.

“Well it is,” Margot said. “The dates correlate to the last month in 2011.”

Chris shrugged. I still don’t get it.

Margot waved her hand dramatically, “who is it signed by?”
“I thought you were the artist,” Chris looked closer. “Maya? Oh it’s a Mayan Calendar. I get it, that’s very clever, I kinda of like it!”

Margot grinned triumphantly. “Existentialist wax on about absurdity and Nihilist about meaninglessness. To me, there is anything more telling about the human condition than when we stare into the maw of the abyss.”

Chris nodded as he reflected in the silence. “Because it is the knowledge of your body’s limitations, of your own physical mortality, that fuels your soul’s desire for eternity.”

“Exactly!” Margot beamed. “I’m so glad to know that you get it! So are you ready to have sex or what?”

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