Another snippet from the Life of Carrie, Margot and Luke.
“That is a really beautiful sculpture, Margot.”

“Thank you, I call it New Genesis. In the literal sense, it’s a man offering his family up to his Creator.”

“I don’t have much tolerance for religion, it’s far too irrational.”

“Carrie, do you seriously have to criticize every single one of my works?”

“Margot, I’m… that’s not what I intended, your craftsmanship is exquisite, I don’t believe in ‘mysterious ways’, that’s all.”

“Just because you’re a lapsed Catholic doesn’t mean you need to…”

“So which one is the child?”

Carrie and Margot both stopped and looked at Luke.

“I may be presumptuous in assuming I’m the father, but how does our little family fit into this image?”

“Why does this piece have to represent us?”

“Luke makes a valid point; all of your artwork has always been personal. So do you consider me a mother or a child?”

“It’s really complicated.” Margot looked away.

“I’m a fairly intelligent woman; uncomplicated it for me.”

“You’re both. Please don’t ask me to explain anymore.”

Carrie’s face softened at the tears in Margot’s eyes. Carrie kissed her forehead.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be so harsh. Sometimes I just become…”

“Irrational?” Margot laughed.

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