This week's prompt from Cara and Judge RJ Davnall inspired me to write part of the scene that I've been avoiding thinking about.
_“Am I dreaming?” she asked.

The angel smiled. “No my child, you might say that you are awake for the first time.”

Her voice trembled. “I don’t understand. I thought I would end up in Hell,” she said. She was afraid to look at the angel. “There must be a mistake. I mean after what I’ve done…”

The angel stroked her hair. “The Father knows what you’ve done. He is the One who made your heart and understands everything in it.”

Luke wiped the tears from his eyes as they got out of the car. He hoped that there was truth in the dream he’d had that morning, that Catholics didn’t automatically go to Hell whenever they… when they took their own lives. He didn’t want to go in. He couldn’t look into “her” eyes knowing that the three of them would never be together again.

“Thanks for coming with me Eddie,” he said.

“She seemed like a good woman, bro.” Eddie put his hand on Luke’s shoulder.

They walked by the statue of Jesus with His arms wide open.
Luke thought back on the final words the angel said, “Blessed are they who mourn for they shall be comforted.”

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