_The moon rose to its apex as Larry drove up to the lodge.

“It’s about time you got here!” A stout man stood with his arms crossed.
“Oh Chuck you are such a bear.” The lithe woman grinned as she stroked his beard.
“And you are an annoying bitch,” Chuck replied.
“Who’s a bitch?”
“Not you Darlene, I was referring to cat woman over here.”
Darlene grinned, ignoring Catherine’s irritated hiss. “So what’s with the pig, Larry?
“Oh the jeep? It’s a rental.”
“You are a dude right?” Chuck’s deep laugh unnerved Larry.
“I didn’t ask for a pink jeep it’s all they had left,” Larry said.
Darlene nodded at the jeep, “If you intend to be president you need to keep your ducks in a row.”
Larry shrugged. “Your point is taken. Anyway let me open the door and we’ll get started.”
“So you own this place?” Catherine asked as they walked inside.
“Yeah, why?”
Darlene rolled her eyes. “Well you do have to admit, Larry. It is a little bit ironic that you own a former Moose lodge.”
Larry shrugged. “Whatever, it’s time to start. Let us now convene the first council of the moon. Good evening werefriends.”


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