I finished final edits on two pieces this week.  It has truly been a joy working with the editors.  I should have the links where you can view and/or purchase the publications in the next few weeks.

I know that everyone has their heart set on writing a novel for NaNoWriMo but my personal goal is just to finish the 25 unfinished works that I have accrued over the past six months.  The total output will not likely exceed forty thousand words, but at least I will have some finished products.

I only completed a handful of stories last month, although to be fair, two of them were 5000 word stories.    Building off the advice of one of my editors, I have arranged my writing into folders: incomplete, awaiting first review, awaiting second review and awaiting market.  I’ve done something similar with my rewrites.  I am hoping to avoid embarrassing situations where I missed a typo or lost my train of thought because I was rushing to make a deadline.

I am still entering themed anthologies as they come along, but I am no longer trying to complete a story for every single one.  The submission calls are still useful for story ideas.  A well-written story can start from a very specific theme and still be worth general publication.

To those of you who are five days into the challenge, good luck!  To the rest of you, keep living, keep loving and keep writing!

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