I had forgotten how much I enjoyed writing children's stories.  This week Cara Michael's Monday  Menage provided a PG flash fiction challenge and this is was what my muse produced:

Nathaniel's First Case

“Please uncle, can’t you help me just one more time?” The ten-year-old asked.

“I’m sorry my dear boy but I’m retired now. My bees require my full attention. Why don’t you ask Watson if he has some free time? Better yet, use that reasoning from your own noggin. You are my great-grandnephew after all.”

Nathaniel sighed and trudged back out through the farm towards the streets of Sussex. He ran over the riddle again in his mind. He had to win. It wasn’t so much that he wanted the kiss from Mary Moriarty promised if he won, but rather to prove she couldn’t outwit him.

Follow the tail of a cat to find it’s stomach then look inside you will find the eye of a cat.

As he walked along past the farm pond he noticed the bulrush plants. “Cat tails!”

Following along the edge, he found his way to a playground. Seeing a broken violin like the one his great uncle once played discarded in the trash, he grinned. “Cat gut strings!”

Picking the instrument out of the trash, he heard something rolling inside. He reached in and pulled out a cat’s eye marble. “How about that Miss Moriarity!”

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