I had a terrible dream last night.  The worst part of it was that it had no plot, the characters were poorly defined, in short it would serve as a decent free-form poem but a terrible short story.

The other day my wife came up to me with a nightmare that she had and I gave her my best scowl.  Her vivid nightmare was better than half of the stories that I had written last week.

Of course, she pointed out to me, there is a significant difference between coming up with a story and putting a story to paper, but I reserve the right to petty jealousy.  It is one of the perks of our marriage.

Dreams are often about feelings, rather than plots.  The point of  writing is to evoke those feelings with our words.  Converting a dream where purple and garnet sand is an emotion and the sound of the ocean roaring is a flavor can be an intense exercise.  Are you up for it?

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