I am busy building an internet presence for my other writing name.  It has been quite challenging to determine how to use the name effectively.

Meanwhile, I have been examining the stack of rejections in my inbox and wondering what to do with them.  As I have discovered that a number of markets are very fussy about previous publishing including writing forums and personal websites, I have put off simply sharing them with you.

Remember, every story deserves a voice; the problem is either the audience or the delivery.  Every time we get a rejection, we should review the manuscript, along with any notes the editors may have offered.  Look for things that you have learned since the time of submission.  Read it aloud and make sure you are still comfortable with the piece.  Do not rush into changing the whole story just evaluate it as carefully as you can.  Then when you are happy with the revised manuscript, dust yourself off and move on to the next market.  I promise you, there is one out there.

There are as many tastes and opinions  as there are editors and even a given editor may find a story amusing one day and too silly another or scary one day and just verbose another.  Keep posting, you will get there.

Keep writing my friends!

10/16/2010 04:21:18 am

...Just found a hobby for my A.K.A. - so I know exactly what you're going through! ;)


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