Alright, so you've been following the program, writing and submitting to a dozen outlets.  Perhaps you've got something accepted.  Congratulations.  Mayhaps* you have a couple of rejections.  Before you rush off to send the rejections to another publisher lets take a look at them.

First things first.  I know this sounds harsh, but ask yourself "So what?"  Why should anyone care about this story?  It's hard to treat your story as if someone else wrote it, but if you are this great artist, I think you can manage ;)  What about the first few sentences grabs your attention?  Is there a single place in rereading where your eye drifts off the page (screen)?  If you are bored, what do you think your reader feels like?  Why is each character in your story?  What is the journey that makes this a story instead of a log entry?

Print out your story, read through it out loud and make notes as you go.  Once you've made your revisions, wait a day then recheck your grammar, spelling, punctuation etc.  Now you can resubmit.  If there isn't a market today for that particular piece then set it aside.  There may be one next week or next month and you don't want to have your piece tied up on some publisher's desk who isn't going to publish it anyway.

I received a few rejections this weekend and I am going to go through this process myself.  Let me know how you are doing meeting your goals.

*If you don't know what mayhaps means, then you might want to read a little Stephen King.)
8/30/2010 06:54:33 am

Cool website, Wakefield. Look forward to reading more.


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