_ It’s December 1, the grueling month of NaNoWriMo is finally over.  Let’s go publish this thing on Smashwords and Amazon!
_ You might want to slow your roll there Speedy.  There are few steps between here and there.
_First, let me say congratulations.  Whether you finished 100K, just barely earned your banner, or didn’t quite make it, you have accomplished something that you hadn’t before November 1st.  Now the next step to publication is… walk away.  If you have a few scenes left that you wanted to finish, go ahead and add them, but do not edit your little darling.  Step away from the pen [keyboard].  Enjoy the holidays with your family and friends, you know those people you alienated while you were obsessed with the finish line?
_Next month, we will start to walk through the editing, reviewing and pre-marketing that is involved in making your book the best it can be, and some of the pitfalls I ran into along the way, before you track down an agent or publisher and especially if you intend to go it on your own.
_I wrote exactly zero words on November 30 which put my total word count somewhere just under 46,000.  In the process, I learned a few things about myself.  I learned that I simply cannot write when there are distractions around and it is very difficult to pluck time out of my busy schedule.  On the positive side, in just a little over 30 hours, I was able to write over 45,000 words.  Before November, I averaged 500 words per hour session.
_So enjoy your victory and rest for a little while.  Next month, we will get started with the hard part.  Keep writing my friends!

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