Call me late for dinner.  I always am.  I had this delightful delusion of all of my trunk stories and poems providing fodder for periodicals while I wrote novels about what ever I wanted to.
     Enter the real world.  Themed issues and publications looking for fresh contemporary ideas.  Go figure.  I have to say, though, rather than being daunted, I am excited.  The idea of writing to a deadline for a myriad publications has been just the fuel to restoke the fires of my imagination.  
     I am at the store clothes-shopping with my wife and I see stories all around me: a put upon grandmother instructing her charge on purchasing her first bra after lambasting her errant son for calling her and expecting her to resolve his predicament when she already taking care of her daughter's children.  An elderly gentleman shuffles by alone, evoking a story of life after love.
     Writing to specs:  You may fear it will kill your creativity, but try it for a while.  Enter some flash fiction competitions, look up the writer's guidelines for a magazine you had never thought to publish to before.  You may just be amazed at what it does for you.

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