Keep an eye on Sam's Dot Publishing for an upcoming collection entitled "It Came from Her Purse.”  In the meanwhile, if you don't already subscribe to Daily Science Fiction, here are two good reasons why you should: First, it's full of great stories including my upcoming story "Dragons" and second it's free!  This long awaited good news has reminded me of something.  In the hustle and bustle of marketing and redesigning the website and social networking and creating videos from my free writings and ... well you get the point, I’ve actually spent very little time writing new material.  So as soon as I finish writing this note to my friends, I am headed back to see what I create.

I've actually been in a "weird" mood lately.  Perhaps a subterranean horror or a weird western is coming.  I do have a dozen or so stories that are almost ready and several dozen that need a great deal of work.  It is difficult to stay in the zone with only a few hours a day to write and so much else on my mind.  Keep watch and take care, my fellow hares.  A few successes are not enough to allow you to sit on your rump or worse to take a nap.  The goal is to support our writing habit WITH our writing habit.  Even best-selling authors can fade away.  Keep submitting; keep researching your markets to find the audience that will appreciate your style and substance.  Most of all, keep writing!

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