On the Prowl
By Wakefield Mahon
“What’s wrong Janine? You look like someone kicked your puppy.”
“I don’t know what’s wrong with me Clara. I’m supposed to be a succubus but I don’t seem to have the stuff anymore. Maybe I’m getting old.”
“Bite your tongue, young lady. I’m a hundred and fifty years your senior and I’m still in my prime. What’s got you in such a tizzy anyway?”
I was out doing my thing at the local bar last week. As usual, most of the locals were drooling; falling all over themselves to buy me a drink but this burly red haired guy at the bar completely ignored me. At first I thought he was batting for the other team, you know? But he walked out with this big-boobed blonde bimbo with a tramp stamp showing.
“And you took that lying down?”
“Of course not, I came back this weekend in a sleezy outfit and he still ignored me.”
“Calm down, Janine, that’s his fiancée, Desiree the witch, not some random bimbo.”
“That’s never mattered before. I don’t know how to get his attention, Clara. I’ve heard these rumors that he was a wolf. I figured he’d be all over me when I wore these low-rise jeans.”
“He’s a wolf alright, but with a Lycan like Red flashing your plumber’s crack isn’t enough to get a rise out him. It must be a full moon if you want to make him howl.”

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