Once and Future
By Wakefield Mahon

Four passengers floated on a raft through cool mists across the lake.  The woman with fiery red curls, and green eyes that burned just as brightly, jumped off first to moor the raft, offering her hand to her half-brother.

"I'm not invalid anymore.  I can get off the raft myself."

He immediately caught himself.  "I'm sorry.  I know you mean well.  I thank you for the care you've given me during my recovery."

She simply smiled.  "Are you ready to go back home?"

It was so long ago, but the memories had not faded.  Of all the battles he fought and won, the war within him had cost the most.  Time had healed the physical scars but he still remembered the betrayal of his best friend and his wife and worse yet of his own son.

"I've learned from my mistakes.  I will not let pride nor jealousy distract me from serving my people."

"I need to prepare you.  Things are not the way you remember them."

"I don't care if I face a horde of demons on winged dragons.  I will fight to defend my kingdom."

"That's good to hear, because your people need you now more than ever.  Moreover, this world has wonders even Merlin could not imagine.  Oh and we'll have to disguise Excalibur."

Morgana waved her hand and the mist faded.  Arthur and his three companions stepped through a door into the bustling crowd of Heathrow Interplanetary Spaceport.

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