Sure, I know you want to say “case in point” but the title is a darling faux pas that reminds me of an old friend.  That and I received validation of my Saturday post’s point, in case you missed it.     I was talking about making every word count.  Then, not a few hours later, I received notice of my publication in a twitter fiction outlet.  Who says that being concise is a bad thing for a writer?

Having a limit of 140 characters is actually a fun exercise in reducing an idea to the pure emotions that you are trying to convey whether through description or dialog.  I was hoping to have the link for you today, but it is taking a little while to update so I will post it as soon as it becomes available.

In other news, I just watched Kickass and Prince of Persia.  Prince of Persia was exactly what I expected it to be: a safe, rather tepid Disney story resembling some of the Mummy Sequels.  Kickass on the other hand lived up to its name.  The story starts by assuring you that in the real world superheroes cannot exist and that there are real consequences to actions.  Without glorifying vigilantism, the story moves from the real to the surreal in a blaze of action that leaves you wondering exactly what happened.  For sure, by the end, some of the scenes stretch the realm of possibility, but by slowly building up with minor shocks and comic diversions along the way.  I want my next action story to resemble that movie.

The comics that inspired the movie are beginning a second installment and I am curious to see how that pans out.

Keep writing my friends.

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