I have to say this.  I am tired of the rhetoric around the proposed mosque in New York City.  As George Bush pointed out, there are millions of peaceful and patriotic Muslims in this country and there are millions of Muslims around the world who love the God of Abraham and reject the notions of the radical terrorists who kill in the name Allah.

Extremist will take any point of view that is convenient and use it to justify their goals.  They use the emotions of people who believe in something that is good and right and corrupt it to their purposes.  Right now a lot of politicians, that I would have formerly voted for, are doing the same thing.

Of course people are still upset about the events of 9/11/2001.  Like most American's and many people from around the world, I knew several of the people who died in NYC and the Pentagon and the fields of Pennsylvania.  Like a lot of country music lovers, I cheered when Toby Keith talked about boots, but it was Alan Jackson's song "Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning" that should be leading us
<i><b>Faith and Hope are some good things He gave us and the greatest is Love</b></i>

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