Just a few moments ago, we were enjoying the cool refreshment of the pool a respite from the hot afternoon sun.  The sky was a brilliant blue and the birds were singing.  Then the birds stopped.  A siren, one that I've never heard before, wailed from the nearby army installation.  The sky darkened ominously.  The voice over the loudspeaker warned residents to take shelter indoors.

I ran inside to check the television news.  Having never heard the warning before, we thought it might possibly be a hoax.  The warning flashed across in clear white letters across a bright red banner.  The aliens had landed.  Okay it the television announced that a severe thunderstorm had moved into our county, but the way people scrambled you would think it was the former.  A few minutes later, the sky darkened to near blackness.  The predicted hailstorm was fortunately only heavy rain.  Still before, the storm passed it managed to knock out local power supplies plunging us into an eerie twilight.

I thought of the only thing that I could possibly do in a time like this.  I sat down to write.  This morning I received a form rejection for my paranormal romance Dream Lover from the new market Mixer Publishing.  The thing that bothers me about a form rejection is that to me it means that I haven't even come close to understanding the requirements of the market.  To be fair, Mixer is a brand new market so I couldn't see examples of what they were looking for.

At the same time, I've finished editing "Ex-Boyfriend" a crime thriller for Alfred Hitchcock Magazine. After a last read through, my manuscript is going in the mail tonight, or given the current power outage tomorrow night.  In preparation, I read four previous selections from the magazine including the amazing "When Apricots Bloom" by Ellen Larson a courtroom drama steeped in Islamic culture.  My next piece is a contest entry for Redstone.  I already have a plot in mind and I’m very excited to start working on it.

Keep writing my friends!

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