Where do you get your power from?  Writing, frankly, life takes a lot out of you, emotionally and physically.  There are some days when it consumes all of my strength just to get up and go in to work, come home, do my chores and go to bed.

Where do you go when you feel run down?  When the days are too long and the night never seems long enough, it can feel like your pillow is a giant magnet.

Make sure that, wherever you get your strength, your source is a renewable supply. 
You don't want to wake up one morning and realize it is gone or that you can't afford to buy more.

Still working with a number of editors on upcoming publications, details to follow. 

Currently I am writing three stories:  a wild west ghost story, a gothic horror with a steampunk twist, and a good old fashioned zombie tale.  The research is slowing me down immensely, but I get the joys of learning and creating at the same time!

Keep writing my friends!

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