I’ve been away for quite a while.  A mistake in the battle against the psychotic robots nearly cost me my life.  A nest of eggs I discovered in my barn turned out to be draconic aliens.  And my brief affair with a Russian spy, well you know that never ends well.  At any rate, I’m on my way back.  Motivation Monday will take a while to return, but I will be finishing the Song Stories anthologies.  In the interim, I will still be silent as often as not.  Do not worry my friends, Wakefield is returning with a vengeance, the event horizon is approaching.

Keep writing!

6/21/2013 01:49:02 am

For a sec I thought you said "a nest of eggs I discovered in my BRAIN" and was all intrigued.

Looking forward to your return. Withersoever that may be.

8/12/2015 03:30:24 am

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11/6/2015 03:28:01 am

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