Sunset in DC
by Wakefield Mahon
Okay, so I am being melodramatic.  What’s new?  Seriously, though, I can accept being battered and bruised as a fiction writer.  Fiction is subjective; there really is no right or wrong, only preference. 

When you get beat up for a technical article, well, that is another beast altogether.  In my defense, I was writing about something that I understand but am not the subject matter expert in and I was running on an incredibly tight deadline.  Still, I would like think that I can just “pull it off”.  It just goes to show, no matter how comfortable you are with your work, you just have to find the time to read and reread your work before you submit it, whether to your boss, a review committee or your editor.

I just thought I would share a thought or a statement of the obvious.

Keep writing my friends!

PS I finally finished my ghost story Boot Hill, last week.  A few more touches and three editing reviews to go then I’m off to find her a home.  (She was too slow for her intended anthology)

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