What a great start to "So You Think You Can Dance" Season 9!  This year's dancers are all phenomenal and the choreographers are stepping it up from Day One.  It is really hard to pick a stand-out with so many great performances but here are the dances and dancers that struck me:

Favorite Choreography

Travis Wall's Titanic love scene reminded me of Mia Michaels' award winning bench scene danced by Travis and Heidi.  It was beautiful and passionate and fit perfectly with the music.  The leaping lift was amazing.
Other memorable routines include Tyce Diorio's Hairspray and NappyTabs' battle with the bottle

Favorite Female Performances

Amelia Lowe is a natural in any Jazz routine and the part of an alley cat plays to her talents.  Her personality grabs your attention and her lithe body and crisp movements seal the deal.

Bellydancer Janelle Issis keeps a licking and keeps on ticking.  Her African jazz routine found her thrown around like a rag doll.  Her flexibility and control and believability make her a strong contender in this competition.

Favorite Male Performances

Cole Horibe:  Not since Joshua Allen have I been so excited to watch a male dancer perform Latin ballroom.  Cole owned the stage from the first second of the performance and never let go.

Cyrus Spencer:  This street dancer doesn't have the best form or technique, but he has something no amount of training can teach.  He has heart.  You can feel his sincere desire to perform any style the show throws at him with at the highest level possible.

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