Writing can be a very enlightening voyage of self-discovery.  But, without an audience, it sometimes feels like we are just talking to ourselves.  Tonight, I found it amusing to engage in a conversation with myself while my wife was busy with a coworker on the phone

Me:  I am not really talking to anyone.  I am texting myself so that I look busy and important.

Myself:  Dude, that is really lame.  You need to see a shrink or something.

Me:  I tried that but he kept falling asleep.  After two sessions, he said I couldn't pay him enough to sit through another session.

Myself:  You should have asked for your money back.

Me:  I did.  I even took him to court.

I:  So, you got your money back?

Me:  Nah, the judge said I was lucky that he didn't sue me for wasting his time.  Then she charged me with contempt just for getting on her nerves.

Myself:  Sorry bro, looks like I am the only friend you have.

Me:  What are you talking about?  I don't like you either!

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