The last two weeks have been a monumental roller coaster ride.  I mean that quite literally since we did visit Washington DC and the amusement park.  For two weeks, I spent as much time as I possibly could with my four children who came to visit from Oregon where they live with their mother.

Between the fact that it has been so long since I've seen them for any length of time and the fact that they are teenagers, I received reactions from joy to resentment to apathy.  I spent one day extremely frustrated with both my current wife and my ex-wife but mostly with myself for allowing so much time to pass that some of my children felt they had little or no relationship with me.
_As one of my children put it, in one of our early morning discussions, "what happened was what was meant to be."  Whether or not that is true, we cannot change the past, we can only move forward and, with any luck, learn from our mistakes.
_There were accidents, messes and drama, all of the things that come with a house full of children.  I managed to get two bee stings in the course of 24 hours after going my entire adult life without being stung; fortunately, my reaction on both occasions was mild.  A worst sting by far was the child who refused to accept my hugs.
_So now, I am back to my morning commute and back to writing.  I'm hoping to finish RND this week and move on to some of the new stories that my children have inspired in me.  Also, I am very excited about a new anthology that is opening up for submissions.  The editor is looking for English language Wuxia stories.  For an explanation of what that means and details on submissions, please check out wuxia.genreverse.com.  I hope the preceding two weeks has found you well.  Whether life brings you joy or pain, remember to keep writing my friend!

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