This labor of love is finally coming to fruition.  Song Stories: Volume 1 is on sale now.

Song Stories are stories from across the globe, from across the genre spectrum, unified by the inspiration of song.
A lyricist has the immense challenge of capturing an entire story in a handful of verses Some melodies convey a story without a single word.
What stories might have arisen if the lyricists and composers chose to share their stories in a different medium? Sit back, relax, and spend some time with an old friend, or find a new one.

Volume 1 features Stories from: Lou Antonelli, Becky Beard, Anthony Box, Raymond Clarke, Chris Devito, LT Dalin, Steven Gepp, Wayne Helge, Jack Horne, Stephen Jensen, Erik T Johnson, Vic Kerry, Adam Knight, Robert Neilson, Nicky Peacock, Steve Voelker

Cover Art by Diana Whiley

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