I spent Sunday evening with my nephew (or great-grand or something like that) It was a delight to see them enjoying their little Spiderman and dark wizard costumes.  The irony was just as I was feeling that the way could not get much more difficult, I found myself going to get my daughter who called to tell us she was stranded on the freeway in a broken-down car, the one I use to get to work mind you.  It was a tense couple of hours and we still don’t know how we are going to sort out the repair bills and whatnot but we made it through.

During a storm, it seems as if nothing else in the whole world exists but that storm, that it will never end.  The fact is, storms will come and storms will go.  Most of the time we survive and we end up stronger and, if we are wise, better prepared for future storms.  If I never hurt, I never would have written my favorite song.  The best parts of my upcoming novel grew out of funerals and painful memories in my life.

I’ve been doing a lot of rewriting lately.  I’m almost glad that not all of my manuscripts were accepted simultaneously, because I don’t think I could make sixty editor’s deadlines while I am still working for a living.  With every rewrite, I gain a deeper understanding of “show, don’t tell.”  I will never write perfect prose on a first draft, but the edits are becoming easier.  Weak phrases and passive clauses jump off the page at me now.  I hear the awkwardness of stilted speech, even if it is “the way that I speak.”  As I theorized, at the beginning of this experiment, the more you write, the better you get.  As you read, as you take criticism, as you let go of your precious baby, your trunk-bound story grows into something beautiful and special.

Embrace the storm and keep writing my friends!

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