All right, I finally took the plunge.  I am now officially a self-published author.

  Formatting and uploading to Smashwords took a few hours of peace and quiet, which I was afforded while my wife had her nails done and my daughter went out with her friends.  Certainly, I am scared witless that I won't have a single sale or that I will get reviews along the lines of "That's why we don't read self-published authors." However, I have been editing the story for about a year and I am reaching the point of diminishing returns, the best thing I can do for Becca and her friends now is to continue their adventures in Book II Turquoise Wind.

I want to take a moment to thank all of my friends who have helped and supported me to get to this point.  I'm not going to do a roll call because I would probably leave someone out but those of you from Authonomy and the PubWrite group on Twitter who have encouraged me know who you are.  All I can ask now is please take the time at least to read the free sample.  If you buy it and like it or know somebody else who might enjoy it please spread the word.  I am not the most social animal in the herd so I need your help.

Thanks again and to all of my friends remember keep writing!

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