Rather, she is displaying signs of multiple personality disorder.  I intended to use Fridays to write and I have been… songs.  I suppose this is not a news flash.  I have written hundreds of songs over the last thirty years, but now I find myself quartered between novel-writing, music video production, software development and oh yeah, my real life.  I have decided to expand this site to include my music and slowly I am adding music videos.  When I find the time and money, I will actually produce original videos for my newest songs.

I have had a number of requests for more poetry so I will be editing and adding a few more of my favorite poems to the site.  The peer review is still ongoing, but so far, the feedback has been positive.  I just may put off self-publication a few more months and try the agent route again.

For those of you who have not seen it yet, my newest video on YouTube is Battle Cry, originally titled victory, after the poem of the same name.

So, while I’m busy with Cybil, my muse, Please enjoy the following video and the accompanying poem.  And remember, keep writing my friends!


"Victory!" was the battle cry
Of the Lord and His angel brigade
As they marched over earth on the rapture's day
In a brilliant chromatic parade

The Lord's day had come
Like light through the trees
Like the snow
On Autumn's bright colored leaves

'Twas the day of the Lord
As He lifted His sword
And all of our lives
Would now be restored

The angel of Truth
Was the first to arrive
With his light
He revealed every lie

The angel of Light
Burst forth like a flame
Shedding light
On the evil of men

Then the high became low
When the angel had shown
What the earth's masses
Should have known

The angel of Love
On hearts writing words
Came to claim
All those owned by the Lord

Yet, the angel was dismayed
When God's grace had been displayed
Many people with stubborn hearts
Decided still to stay

Then Michael appeared
Without any fear

He drew out His sword
In the name of the Lord

Sound out the call
We'll defeat one and all
Satan will fall

The dragon then rose
To challenge his foes

He gave it his best
Put their hearts to the test

The battle raged on
Until it was dawn
And the earth was gone


Soon came the dawn of a beautiful morn
Then Gabriel lifted his celestial horn
The sweetest song since the Son was born

The song it sounds so sweet to me
An end had come to history
Except for the Lord and His victory

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