My entry for #MenageMonday:
_“Woohoo!  Let’s do this man!” Derek always was the ringleader.
_I stared at the clock on the wardrobe that always said 2:41.  It was actually 6 am and way past my bedtime.  Motes of dust swam ominously in the single ray of light cutting through the window.  “I don’t think this is a good idea guys.”
_“Whatever Larry, you just don’t know how to have fun!  The Dying Light is the best game ever!” Doug replied
_“Larry, Larry, lame and squarey!” Len always seemed smarter when his mouth was closed.
_“I’m going first, alright?”
_“Oh come on,” Doug said.  “You always go first!”  But it was too late, Derek had already run into the beam of light and burst into flames, a pile of ash was all that remained.
_Doug and Len stood in shocked silence.
_“That was wicked!”Len said.  “I’m next!”
_“No way dude, I’m totally next.”
_The kept pushing each other as they ran towards the beam and were incinerated just like Derek.
I just shook my head and heaved a sigh, grateful for my pure gene pool.  “I’m going to bed. Whoever thought genetically fusing lemmings and vampires together was a good idea needs to be staked.”

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