I received a good news/bad news email today.  Literally, that is what the editor said.  My longer story failed to hit the mark but my micro fiction was a success.  I was truly honored and grateful at the opportunity, but part of me wants it all.  I realize that I cannot have a 100% acceptance rate and the control panel at duotrope tells me that I am doing better than the average bear.  Still, I know that I can do better, and it is frustrating that I do not always have the time to do my best.

Like most humans, males especially, I have an irrational fear and loathing of coming in second.  This is a tragic irony given that I tend to fare better than average at so many pursuits.  Rather than enjoying myriad minor successes, I carp and complain at the elusiveness of the gold medal.  The expression “Jack of all trades, master of none” is one of the most succinct responses to this dilemma.

Consider this: your writing, or whatever your favored skill is, is of a particular caliber.  Like a weapon, you have a limited ability to have an impact on your target.  If you breathe, relax, aim properly and go after your target you will likely hit it.  This method requires patience, dedication and the risk that your quarry will move on before you get your shot in.  Attempting to spray the target in an automatic fashion increases the likelihood that you will hit “something,” but not necessarily your target.

My approach in life, like so many people, has always been the third method, buckshot.  Bursting all of my energy in a general direction, but split up into tiny efforts, occasionally works for me.  You will definitely hit your target, but unless you are close to them, they only receive a partial impact.  Eventually, you have to “bite the bullet” (yes, I know) and learn to line up your shots.

Happy Writing my friends!

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