I thought I would take a break from editing Full Moon City to bring you some more of your favorite trio:
"Luke I picked these flowers for you but they're tiny now.  I don't know what happened."    Margot's pendulous bosom made a "boin" sound as she walked toward the beach.  Her shadow washed over her friends.

Carrie gaped.  "At the risk of stating the obvious, that's not good."

"What happened to you Margot?  You're huge!"

"I know I put on a little weight, but you don't have to… hey why are you so tiny?"

"We're not tiny Margot, you've grown enormous."

"I'm so sorry.  I made a wish to be a bigger part of your life and now our picnic is ruined!  This is like "The Nightmare Before Valentine’s Day."

"I think you mean Christmas."


"You're referring to Tim Burton's movie, the one with Jack Skellington."

"Why are you always so mean to me?" Margot's 10-gallon tears whistled like incoming missiles as they approached the ground.

Luke and Carrie dove away to avoid being crushed.

Luke woke up drenched in sweat.  Margot lay to left, Carrie to his right, both sleeping peacefully and in their ordinary sizes.  It may have been a dream but he felt the strong desire to change their plans for a valentine picnic.

"I've got to stop watching anime holiday specials."

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