"I’m telling you Flannigan, The air from the thing’s maw is hot and sour." O'Malley threw back another pint of ale just to ease the trembling in his hands.

"Now would that be the creature in the woods beyond Summerdale or that wench you picked up at the tavern last night?" The old blind man had an uncanny knack for looking right at O'Malley when he was making a point.

O'Malley silently moved to the left and threw a dart at the wall. "You know you're not nearly as clever as you think you are."

Flannigan tracked him as soon as he opened his mouth. "You should talk O'Malley; you can't tell a lady bard from a lady with a beard when you are three sheets to the wind. Last night you were easily four.

"Shows what you know, There ain't no fourth sail on any vessel round here. I guess folk overestimate your abilities" The second dart hit a bull's eye. A satisfied grin crept over O'Malley's face.

Flanigan picked up the third dart knocking down O'Malley's bull's eye.

"You don't need eyes to see boy. Must I spell it out for you O'Malley? The woman's name was Lupine, practically yelped when you offered her a silver necklace and she smelled like wet dog."

"What are you trying to say?"

Flannigan stared directly at O'Malley. "Your lady friend WAS the best from the woods beyond Summerdale and bright as you are, you're probably one now as well."

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