Song Stories
We received a few new submissions for Song Stories this week.  The results were a mixture of rewrites and, unfortunately, rejections.

Flash Circuit:
I entered four contests this week.  I didn't win any prizes but I did receive some positive feedback.  Best of all I had the chance to think about the Full Moon City setting.  I'm hoping to finish editing before this years NaNoWriMo
#MenageMonday - The Road to Nowhere
#TuesdayTales - Desiree
#55WordChallenge - The Longest Train Ride
#ThursThreads - In His Hands

I've continued to study the TVTropes website.  I believe this is an invaluable tool in helping young writers understand what's been done before and some of the pitfalls with particular plots, settings and characterizations.  I wrote an article sharing some of what I learned recently.


I released Graduation on Amazon this week.

The Messenger
By Wakefield Mahon

Gary will journey across space to make things right.

Gary Jackson want to reunite with his children more than anything, but a bitter ex-wife and a commute that is literally out of this world, have hampered his efforts so far.
Tommy is graduating from the first High School on Mars. This may be Gary's last chance to make things right with his children, land a job with the only company on Mars and find a way to start over again.


I decided to opt out of KDP Select after the first 90 days.  The first book released to Smashwords and eventually, the other major markets will be Boeman, from "State of Horror: Pennsylvania"

By Wakefield Mahon

Tia and Mike take a weekend trip into Lancaster County but getting lost in Amish country at night is more terrifying than either had ever imagined. While good little Amish children are snuggled in their beds, the Boeman lurks in the darkness beyond the house.

Pending Submissions

Ordinary Dreams - Shimmer Magazine
Draconian Measures - Crowded Magazine

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