This week's winner of the 100 word challenge was my good friend Cara Michaels.  You can see her winning entry on the contest website. My entry is presented here for your viewing enjoyment.  It received an honorable mention this week, so a big thanks to Amelia James aka @TrashyWriter
“There’s nothing quite like a baking snickerdoodles to warm your spirits on a cold winter’s day.”
David wrapped his arms around Laura. “Oh I think I can think of another thing or two that might help; we have been waiting for six months now.”
“And we can wait a few more until the wedding.” Laura smiled.
“Are you sure?” David grinned. He gently kissed Laura’s neck while tracing his fingers up her arms leaving a trail of goose bumps.
“Oh David! It’s time!” Laura gasped.
“That’s what I’m talking about!”
“No, I mean the cookies, they are going to burn.”

100 words

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