Peter Morgan’s “Hereafter,” directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Matt Damon, is a storyteller’s story.  It asks one of the major questions: What happens when we die?  Best of all, while it give you a glimpse, it does not try to answer the question for you.

In this fascinating story, three very different storylines converge into one against the backdrop of real-life tragedies.  A French news reporter nearly drowns in the tsunami that struck Southeast Asia a few years ago.  A young boy in London loses his twin brother.  A young man has the gift or curse as he sees it, to communicate with the departed simply by touching a friend or relative of the person who passed. 

The story flirts with bringing the storyline together in predictable ways, but it is eventually the reporter’s obsession with her near death experience, the young boy’s inability to let go of his older brother and the young man’s desire to escape the obsession that other’s have with his power that draw the three characters together.

The Bourne series’ Matt Damon brings the role to life in a believable and emotional performance.  Rising star Cécile De France’s performance is absorbing enough for you to forget that a third of the movie is in French with subtitles.

Hereafter is rated PG13 for disturbing disaster and accident scenes and some language.  Put your younger kids down for a nap, but your older children should be able to enjoy this movie with you and it is a good conversation starter for your families beliefs on the question of what happens when we die.

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