In the 2010 drama, "Rabbit Hole" a couple struggles through the aftermath of losing a child.  The film is based on the 2005 play of the same name by the David Lindsay-Abaire.

Nicole Kidman has been picking her own roles lately and you can tell.  She is the driving force of this movie as Becca Corbett.  The role brings to mind Sally Fields in Ordinary People at some points and Kate Winslet's performance in Revolutionary Road at others as Becca struggles to get past the loss of her son.  She cannot open herself to the affections of her husband Howie and resents the attempts by her mother to compare the mother's loss to her own.  The relationship between Becca and Jason, the boy responsible for her son's death sets this story apart from similar dramas.

Aaron Eckhart who recently played Two-Face in "The Dark Knight" and a self-help guru in "Love Happens" brings a credible performance as a man trying to cope with the loss of his son and the distance of his wife against the easy friendship of Gabby, a girl that he meets in group meetings.

Sandra Oh is not only one of the most popular Gray's Anatomy cast members but an established film actress.  In this film, she plays Gabby and aside from looking absolutely beautiful especially in her final scene, manages to bring a light comic but still believable element to the story.  

Dianne Wiest, like many veteran actresses just gets better with time.  As Nat, Becca's mother, she brings another element of comic relief while delivering a true-to-life role as a mother who has the wisdom of experience behind her.

Together this cast provides a thoughtful and touching story about the trying times that can tear a family apart.  "Rabbit Hole" is Rated PG-13 for language and drug use.  Watch it with your older teens and talk about the issues that arise.

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