Watching the comedic thriller the tourist, I couldn't help but wonder if the script was written with this cast in mind.   Angelina Jolie plays the sexy and mysterious Elise.  While her performance is less physical than recent movies like Salt and Wanted, her mere presence on the screen brings a certain electricity to the movie.  Paul Bettany stars as an Interpol Detective who is completely obsessed with catching Elise's lover, a man who communicates only in carefully placed messages.  Of course, the star of this action vehicle is Johnny Depp as the hapless math teacher from the Midwest dragged along by a case of mistaken identity.  The elasticity of his expressions and the energy of his comedic physicality is sure to delight the fans of Captain Jack Sparrow from The Pirates of the Caribbean.  But, like so many of his unusual roles, Depp's character is anything but one-dimensional.
The appearance of Rufus Sewell in the latter part of the movie quickly brings to mind the Heath Ledger film A Knight's Tale.  This is not missed by the films creators as  Paul Bettany drops a ingenious nod to the film with a  line about money held in a bank account in Lichtenstein.  Timothy Dalton's cameo is a delightful boost to the cloak and dagger feel of the movie.
There are enough double-crosses and surprises in this action adventure to keep you on your toes the whole movie.  If you haven't picked up this gem on DVD, I'd highly recommend you give it a spin.

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