The great stories of myth and legend are the hero's journeys.  The path of the hero is often more important than the success or failure at the end of the journey.  Winter's Bone follows the saga of a teenage girl in an impoverished rural area of the Ozarks on a quest to save her family farm.  The people she encounters along the way tell a story about kinfolk and mountain justice in the 21st century.  The pervasive influence of drugs in an already distinct culture provide a powerful story that the viewer will not soon forget.

While it was a little hard for me to accept the Terminator (re Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles) as a sherrif, reminders of my uncle teaching me to fire a rifle and my grandmother using a washboard and clothesline helped this story resonate with me even though I've lived most of my life in the suburbs.

Winter's Bone had the depth and texture of "O Brother Where art Thou" and more, there is little comedy beyond wry sarcasm to lighten up this well written and well acted drama.  There is a reason this one did so well at Sundance.

Winter's Bone is Rated R for some drug material, language and violent content.

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