_It's been a while since I've had the chance to blog, much less maintain my daily poetry postings.  I've been very busy doing that thing called?  Oh  yes, writing!  Of course, a number of calamaties both natural and - to a more minor degree  - personal have kept me busy as well.
_I just finished my first draft of "Green Grass", a story that I've had on my heart for over a year now.  I was going to go back to working on "RND", but I've been enthralled by a new story, "The Apprentice" which promises to be a very long short story if not a novellete or novella.
_I'm very excited about an upcoming anthology called The Spirit of Poe by Literary Landmark Press  submissions are currently being accepted.  They will pay a professional rate and any money over author payouts and production costs will go to support the Poe House in Baltimore MD!
I am still working on a story for the upcoming Wuxia Anthology as well.  Leave a comment or drop me a line and let me know how your work is progressing.  Remember, hard times will come and there are days when the world of writing is intimidating, but keep writing my friends!

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