Let’s start a weekend review!  The missus and I attempt to do a date night every weekend that we are not overwhelmed with chores or little grandbabies.  This weekend took our discount coupon and went to see “You Again” starring Kirsten Bell and a hilarious cast of supporting characters in a story about a girl who finds her high school nemesis is about to marry her brother.


Kirsten Bell delivers a brand of physical comedy reminiscent of Sandra Bullock in this delightful story about high school, family, “mean girls” and second chances.  Not to be outdone, Jamie Lee Curtis and Sigourney Weaver both show that they still have it in spades.  Out of the flummoxed men in this estrogen war, Victor Garber stands out with his delivery of the straight lines including one of the funniest in the movie.  Kyle Bornheimer steals a few scenes with a believable and frankly disturbing performance as a damaged ex.


Nevertheless, the one who truly steals the show in this comedy is Betty White.  At 88, this girl is still golden.  Just when you think a scene cannot get more over the top, Betty is there to deliver ridiculous lines in her trademark no nonsense style.  The movie is not a literary masterpiece but it will keep you laughing the whole way through.


Check in tomorrow a review of "Letters from Juliet" now available on DVD.



Speaking of literary masterpieces, I am entering into a dialog with the editor of my next accepted publication.  When they post the piece, I will give you the details and lessons learned.  This was a for-the-love piece.  I find it interesting that I have occasionally created some better stories when I was not stressing over whether or not the publisher would like my work.


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