Somehow this week's prompt turned into Bill and Ted on another Bogus adventure
“I’m tired after that apocalypse party. Sweet, there’s a motel we can crash for the night.”

“Dude this place looks like a dump.”

“It’ll be cheap.”

Bill turned out his empty pockets “Good point, bro.”

They parked and stumbled into the office.

The clerk shook her head. “Don’t you two hippies look lost.”

“That’s harsh, lady, but I’ll give you a pass since you’re so hot and all.”

She clenched her jaw. “I’m certain you’re in the wrong place.”

“Come on lady,” Ted said. “Stop giving us a hard time and just sign us in already.”

The clerk raised her eyebrow but handed them each a clipboard. “Have at it boys.”

“They ‘ve got like a hundred questions on this thing.”

“Sounds serious dude.”

The night passed in a drug-addled fog.

“Get your asses out of bed; do you think this is the holiday inn?”

Bill rubbed his eyes. “What crappy service, it’s like four in the morning.”

“This isn’t a motel, it’s Fort Knox, and you knuckleheads enlisted last night.”

“Whoa, total bummer. How do we unenlist?”

“World War III started last night; Congress initiated an indefinitely stop-loss. Get used to it boys, you can’t ever go home again.”

200 words

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