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Honorable Mention

@CaraMichaels for sucking the life out of a succubus!

The Winner

@WakefieldMahon loved twist!  Well done!

Hello Molly

_I didn't really know what to think when I saw her sitting on the edge of the bed wearing a pink negligee with a hatchet lying across her lap.
Then I remembered she was going to the party. “Seriously, Molly, that’s what you are going with?”
“Why, what’s wrong with this? I like it don’t you?”
The contrast between her innocent deflated expression and the outfit made my brain ache, although I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a stirring somewhere else as well. “You can’t go out in public like that.”
“They said there is a five hundred dollar prize for the best costume. I’m thinking I have a shot with Molly Hatchet in the bedroom.”
“You have a shot alright. The problem is you’ll get a lot more propositions of another kind.”
“I’m a big girl Larry, I can handle myself. She grinned. “You know you could have come to the party if you wanted too.”
“You know I’m busy tonight.”
“Well you’d better not be busy later,” Molly kissed me long and hard.
She put on a trench coat and I dropped her off in front of the fancy mansion, promising to get her in exactly one hour and telling her to call me if she ran into any trouble.
I went to go take care of my errands and came back to get her exactly on time. Molly came skipping out the front door covered in blood with a huge grin on her face.
“Molly, I told you to call me if you ran into trouble.”
“They were no trouble at all.”
“You just love to make a mess don’t you?” I sighed.
“Yup!” she chimed brightly. “So how did dinner with the ambassador go?”
“You know, it was the standard drill, a little poison in the wine, I spent most of the time cleaning up behind me, it’s called finesse.”
“No evidence or no witnesses, it’s all the same to me. How much did we get paid this time?”
“$1.2 million I’ve already verified it.”
“Very nice, it sounds like it’s time to celebrate”
“Sure thing Molly, but you might want to change first.”

Hey winners, past and future, let me know if you'd be interested in an annual anthology.  Also thinking about a small prize for a quarterly reader's choice award.  Share your ideas for making Mondays even more motivating!

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