Welcome to our exciting second week of competition.  The following scene was in my mind last week.  Let's see how you interpret it!

The Rules
  1. Story must continue from the prompt.
  2. No more than 500 words (not including the prompt)
  3. Any genre (in fact an unexpected genre will get you more points.)
  4. Entries must be submitted by Tuesday Noon EST
  5. The winner of each week's competition will be invited to judge the following week.
  6. Have fun!

Week #2 Prompt:
Mary stumbled out through the motel room door.  The frigthened look of the maid reminded her that she was covered in blood.
10/31/2011 04:20:38 am

I'm disqualified since I am judging but here is a start for todays prompt.

Mary stumbled out through the motel room door. The frightened look of the maid reminded her that she was covered in blood.
“It’s Hallowe’en.” she said to the maid who then relaxed. What the maid didn’t realize was that Mary was a ghost or that she was covering her real purpose for coming back. Sure it was Hallowe’en but it was real blood that covered her, the maid wasn’t her target she had been summoned not by words but by actions.
She had been summoned by the evil deeds one man had done. That was the reason why she was spending this part of Hallowe’en finishing up her task. She had to be done by midnight as at midnight she could be summoned as by those women who wished to know the man they would marry so she was glad she was now finished. She delighted in that ritual as it was fun to give them their hearts desire or their greatest nightmare depending on what they truly deserved.
The man who had drawn her here had abused women and she was been bound and determined his villainy would be paid back in kind.
Gerald Prentice her last victim who left her dripping in blood had tortured his wife kept her prisoner. Moisha had spent weeks battered and bruised hidden away to recover from his inflicted injuries. She had lost the baby she carried all because of him while he led a double life sleeping here with his mistress when he so chose. Mary had entered his room at first invisible then materializing when she heard them laugh at the misfortune that he had caused to Moisha. She had ripped off his and her faces, slowly torture them scratching their eyes out, driving them insane, the last two days then when they begged for release she’s cut off her head first as she screamed in agony .As he begged for his life she sliced his neck watching him slowly bleed to death she laughed .Removing his head after death and picking up hers she placed them on the bed posts. Then she had felt the pull much too early as someone had summoned her for a scrivening
“You.” shouted the maid paling beside the mirror.
“You summoned me by walking up a flight of stairs backwards, holding a candle and a hand mirror, in a darkened house.”
“I wish to know my future husband’s name.”
“Are you truly sure Rowena?”
“Yes .”
“Very well but be sure you may not like what you see.” Mary cautioned
The maid looked in the mirror she grimaced held her chest and dropped dead to the floor
“I never get tired of showing the cheaters. The Grim Reaper. Happy Hallowe’en Rowena and don’t worry about your boyfriend he and his other mistress are dead maybe now Moisha can be happy.
477 words

10/31/2011 05:07:00 am

Great Job Sheil!

10/31/2011 05:26:37 am

Mary stumbled out through the motel room door. The frigthened look of the maid reminded her that she was covered in blood. Funny how the little things can slip your mind when you are in the throw of ecstacy, like the cool metal blade sliding easily through the neck of another john.

Unfortunately for the poor maid with “Jean” sewn into the front of her powder blue uniform there could be no witnesses. Getting away with the deed was half the fun.

She tackled the middle aged maid hard, pushing her into the adjacent room and covering her mouth before she could scream.

Mary smiled, the old bitch had some fight in her, just enough to be amusing. Bring her elbow down hard into the maids face she heard the satisfying crackle of the breaking cartilidge in her nose.
Was it cruel to watch the maid drown on her own blood that was pouring from her nose down her throat?

“You want to die quick or do you want to die slow?” Mary said through the smile that never left her face.

“Please, I’ll do anything!” Jean begged choking on the blood threatening to fill her lungs.

“Wrong answer!”

The next blow crushed her windpipe as Mary watched the life evaporate from the woman’s eyes.

It hadn’t taken long to clean up both messes, she had been doing this long enough to be thorough and quick. The longer the dead lie the more they tell her father had told her.

Another evil bastard that had fed her with hate all throughout her life, keeping her trapped in the cellar except when he used her for shits and giggles.
In the end though he had gotten his, he was the first. It was hard to believe it had been almost 10 years. Almost 10 years ago when she stood in front of that mirror waiting patiently for the stroke of midnight,l holding her breath as she heard him rummaging his drawer of many horrors looking for just the right instrument to make this Halloween extra special.

“Bloody Mary,Bloody Mary….” She held her breath again knowing that this was where kids were supposed to stop, never finding out if the legend was true.

“Bloody Mary” Mary waited for her name sake to show her face. Not in fear but in longing for some strength and when it didn’t come she drove her fist hard into the mirror shattering it.

It wasn’t until later, after she had rammed the shard of glass through Daddy’s bastard face, as she sat with her hands covered in his blood that she made the decision.

Just because a legend wasn’t true doesn’t mean it can’t become true and Bloody Mary would be waiting for her hapless victim next year….and every year from now on until no one was able to sleep on October 31st without uttering the name…....


10/31/2011 06:34:56 am

Mary stumbled out through the motel room door. The frightened look of the maid reminded her that she was covered in blood.
“Just what I need, another witness!” Mary growled under her breath. Her face brightened as she cooed. “Relax sweetheart, everything is fine. That’s right, look in my eyes. “
The young maid’s expression became vacant as she stood in rapt attention.
“I was never here,” Mary continued. You’ve already cleaned this room and you won’t come back again today.” The maid’s perfume was making it hard for her to keep her concentration but Mary was one of the best.
“Won’t come back again today,” The young maid whispered as she turned away and moved on to the next room.
Mary watched maid walk away, full hips swaying. “It’s a damned shame I’m busy.” She grinned then touched her tongue to her lips. “Maybe later.”
Mary ducked back inside the room and ran to the bathroom. She glanced at the bed. “Sorry, I’ll attend to you in a minute.”
She washed her hands and put on a clean robe, well cleanish. “I can’t wait to get out of this place.”
Slipping out the door, she casually walked to the ice machine. She filled up six buckets and carried them back. It would be easier in her true form but she didn’t have time to deal with anymore witnesses.
A drunken young man burst out of one of the doors, nearly knocking her over along with the ice buckets. His varsity jacket said his name was Jake, the last name was covered in puke. “Whoopsies, sorry about that babe. Looks like you’re in need of a little muscle!” He probably thought he was being cute.
Not enough time! Mary hissed but kept her form. Jake raised his hands and backed off. “Hey whatever babe.”
Mary finally made it back to the room and unloaded the ice. “My sincerest apologies your highness, I ran into a little difficulty along the way.”
The squid-like creature responded in notes and vibrations that few humans could hear much less comprehend. Mary bowed and went to work. A few minutes later, Mary wiped the sweat from her brow, her hands again stained in blood.
“That’s the last one,” She held up a squid creature, vaguely shaped like a woman of Mary’s size in her arms. “You have eight more beautiful daughters. Congratulations Mother! If you don’t mind, while you rest, I have a couple of things to attend to now that I have time.”
Mary grinned then touched her tongue to her lips.

10/31/2011 06:40:37 am

Good one SEAdamsky! Even better than last week, sir. I'm staying away from mirrors now.

10/31/2011 07:57:25 am

“No, no, dammit!" the Legendary Arthur MacKensie growled as he furiously erased the words on the page. "That's pure crap!"

Yeah, legendary, to someone who knew nothing. He hadn't written a good word in weeks, but his editor was hounding him to at least send the beginning to a new story so they knew he was doing something.

Arthur started again. “Mary staggered through the motel room door, her clothes sticking to her where the blood soaked through. A passing maid shrieked and tossed three fluffy towels into the air in her hurry to get away.”

That was a little better, but still not what he wanted. He banged his head against the desk and moaned.

“You know I can give you what you want, Arthur.”

“I know.”

He raised his head and looked over at his best armchair. Kiera sat with one leg crossed demurely over the other under her skirt, her hands folded in her lap. His Muse, the woman who promised much and took much more.

“But there’s a price.”

“There always is.”

She gave him a half smile, never revealing her teeth. “This time it could be worth it.”

It could be. He’d benefited from her help before, his books selling millions. Her help had gotten him this luxurious house, the Aston Marten in the drive, and the adulation of the world. But it had cost him his wife, family, and quiet moments out in public. He was a famous celebrity. It should’ve been enough. But lately, it had started to pall.

“Tell me how it could be worth it.”

Kiera threw back her head and laughed, sensing victory. “Oh, Arthur, this will be the best one yet.”

She rose in a fluid movement and slid behind him, draping her arms over his shoulders. “The story will bring people laughter to lighten their hearts, tears to cleanse their souls; even suspense and thrills. It will be your greatest masterpiece.”

He nodded, resigned. “Will I get to enjoy any of it?”

She was silent for so long fear froze him solid and his testicles tried to crawl up inside his body, seeking warmth.

“Arthur, you can enjoy it, but not in this form. You must choose to expand your horizons.”

He nodded gain and pulled out of her arms as he stood up. He sought her hematite colored eyes, swallowed hard, then tilted his head to one side in offering. She smiled widely, the sharp points of her canines flashing before wrapped him in her embrace.

“This will only hurt for a moment, beloved,” she whispered before she bit him.

Sharp pain quickly diminished before the surge of sensual lust blooming within him, his penis hardening without his say so.

“Oh God, yes!”

“Famous reclusive author Arthur MacKensie is missing. Despite the success of his latest novel, he would not answer calls from his publisher. Police have no leads in his disappearance.

In other news, the Bloodless Butcher has struck again, increasing the victims to nine.”

499 words

10/31/2011 08:10:45 am

@Siobhan Yes, Yes, Yes! That is what I'm talking about! That is how you spin a prompt. Fantastic Job!


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