Rodney King was much lampooned for uttering those words but he spoke them with sincerity.  The troubled man, most famous for being beaten up, never meant to be in the spot light.  He passed away this week after a life that changed far more than he would have imagined.

The Judge

Poet, father, husband and Klingon/Ferengi hybrid . Writer without genre: YA, fantasy, paranormal, sci-fi, horror, humor, paranormal name it,

The Prompt

You don't need to fight over me.

The Rules


6/18/2012 02:50:52 am

Lab Rats and Other Stupidities Humans Are Obsessed With
by S Jayanth

You don't need to fight over me;
Bound and blind, I belong to you all nevertheless.

None claimed me to be theirs;
Until you had blood of brothers to spill and rivals to fight against.

You wielded shrill, ill-speaking swords;
Cunning shields next, to shamelessly defend the sins of your swords and minds.

Kingship meant a blessing, to look after a nation and her subjects, with love;
Before the meaning was changed to betrayal in royal standards, as love turned into lust.

Kingdoms rose and fell;
And you never learned through time,
From those billions of chests that were wounded beyond repair in warfare.

While other beings flourished, ‘harmony’ strongly set as their evolution bond;
You brought doom upon yourself;
No, Upon me!

Swords gave way to ammo;
So did simple cruel kings to massive dictators;
But then, none saw what was to happen to you and to me.

Evil Leaders rose, colourful flags rose;
Shaking hands in the fore, crossing fingers in the back;
I endured all without speaking a word.

And when things seemed to be unacceptably beyond the limits;
I gave you warning;
I had to, even if they were harsh, but you never learned.

The sands of time is not all about the bad you;
Yes, there were good men and women who spoke from heart my concerns;
But failed to stand the might of the evil minds and the fools that they made out of common people.

Science and Technology, you said;
Injecting fluids, which mercilessly murdered trillions of lab rats;
Advancement of medical science, you said. Traitors!

None spoke of love for me;
All you wanted was lustrous gold and regal marble graves.

But now;
When you see that I am about to crumble into oblivion;
Which surely means the end of you too;
You speak of love for nature.

Enough! don’t fight over me;
I have let the reigns of future to be in your hands for too long;
I take over now;
Even if you take me to be rude.

For, mother I am to you all;
I forgive you even today.


350 words

Robin Abess
6/18/2012 04:26:43 am

“You don’t need to fight over me.” The voice was soft and very hard to hear. Emily and Cassie looked at each other and then around the room to see who in the world could be talking to them.

“Down here.”

Two sets of wide eyes – one dark brown, one green – slowly lowered to the item that was clasped between them. Each little girl had a death grip on the china doll they had found in the attic of their aunt’s house. She had been the prettiest thing they had ever seen, and they scampered downstairs immediately to examine her in their bedroom. As they looked her over, each wanted to hold her.

“I saw her first, Emmy.”

“No, you didn’t Cass. We saw her at the same time and you know it.”

“Well…I’m older.” Cassie had tried to sound important. “That means I get to play with her first.”

“That’s not fair! I’ll tell Aunt Gert.” Emmy sounded as if she would start crying.

“Oh, you’re such a baby… go ahead, I don’t care…”

That was when the voice had broken in, leaving them staring in wonder. Slowly they lowered the doll to the flowered rug. Cassie licked her lips nervously, and Emmy put her right hand up to her mouth, chewing on her fingernail. It was silent for a few moments, then Cassie said “Did…did you say something?”

“Yes, I did. You young ladies have no business fighting over me. You can share me easily, you know.”

The doll sat up and the painted lips moved in cheerful smile.

Emmy scooted backward a bit, her lower lip trembling and her brow furrowed. Cassie leaned forward, studying the doll.

“How are you able to do that?” she asked.

“Do what? Move? Well, my dear, I was put under a magic spell a long time ago. Turned into a toy to await the day when a nice little girl would pick me up and love me again, then I could be human once more.”

“Cassie…I don’t like this…” Emmy sounded scared to death. “I think we should tell Aunt Gert.”

Two pairs of eyes turned toward her, both dark brown. The expression in neither set was friendly.

“Emmy, you’re being a baby again. What’s your name?” Cassie turned back to the doll.


“That’s my name too!”

“Is it? How marvelous.”

Emmy was terrified by the doll and refused to sleep in the same room with her. She slept on the sofa downstairs. When she came up to wake her sister the next morning, hoping she would be through with the doll, she was surprised to see it was nowhere to be found.

“Cassie? Time to wake up.”

As Cassie stretched and yawned, Emmy looked around again. “Where’s the…you know…”

Cold dark brown eyes studied her. “She was hungry…so I fed her. She won’t be hungry again…at least not for awhile.”

Cassie began to laugh and Emmy knew it would be a long time before she could stop screaming.

500 words

S Jayanth
6/18/2012 04:36:44 am

Gripping narration. In the end, the dark twist stumped me. :O
a wonderful read!

Robin Abess
6/18/2012 05:28:51 am

Thank you so much!

6/18/2012 05:59:14 am

“You don’t need to fight over me!” screamed Megan, but it was too late. Mark’s fist collided with Tyler’s jaw, sending the smaller boy into a chaotic, unconscious spin to the floor. As Mark watched, a triumphant smirk on his face, Tyler’s body crumpled with his head finally landing with a dull thwack on the checkered marble tile.

Mark turned to Megan, a look of smug content burgeoning on his angular face, but Megan appeared furious. He did not have to do that to Tyler. Tyler was just trying to be nice by copying her notes for her. That was it!

A teacher, Mr. Biggs, appeared out of the group and gawked in horror at the prone body of Tyler on the floor. He then shifted his visage to Mark, who appeared unimpressed by the teacher’s arrival.

“Mr. Reynolds,” warned Mr. Biggs, “this is your third incident this year. You face a certain suspension and possibly even expulsion!”

Mark shrugged his shoulders in defiance, but then he heard a collective gasp and turned to see Tyler standing behind him holding a strange, gun-like object.

“Yes, expulsion from the human race!” he screamed as he apparently fired the weapon.

Mark tried to duck, but then he erupted in laughter. What was the geek going to do? Shoot him with a toy? The gun looked like something from a Disney cartoon.

The entire hallway fell silent, and Mark noticed the strange, familiar smug look on Tyler’s face. Then he realized that everyone was staring at him.

“What?” he asked, but people just kept staring. His temper was beginning to grow again.

“What did you do to him?” cried Megan, but Tyler just shrugged his shoulders.

“I phase-shifted him. He’s still there, just not in the same existence as the rest of us. Like I said, I expelled him from the human race. He’ll forever have to roam the earth, seeing and hearing us but incapable of communicating or having any physical effect on any of us. I guess I turned him into a ghost.”

Mark stared in horror at the little twerp, then stepped forward to punch him again. This time, though, his fist passed right through Tyler’s face. He tried again, then again, but it was like his hand was made of air.

Fear enveloped him, and as a security guard came and took the bizarre-looking weapon from Tyler, who willingly handed it over with that same smug look, Mark cried out. He rushed to Megan, tried to grab her shoulders, but his hands clenched only air. He shouted her name, but instead she kept staring at the space where he once was. He began to sob, lowering himself to the floor as the crowd dispersed, many of the students walking right through him, seemingly unaware that he was there.

As Tyler was led away by the security guard, he looked back, laughing, and shouted, “Never pick a fight with a nerd, Mark Reynolds. Brains will always triumph over brawn!”

499 words

Robin Abess
6/18/2012 11:36:40 am


6/18/2012 06:05:25 am

“You don't need to fight over me,” he whispered under a breath. “Hell, you should stay away from me completely.”
Edward leaned against the cold Corinthian pillar. He balanced a champagne flute between two fingers, tipping it this way and that in a lazy game he much preferred to tonight’s company.
A cluster of debutantes had grown closer, many of them still shielding themselves with their fans as the others watched him not-so covertly.
His words of advice had been aimed at them.
Edward pitied them; not because they were particularly unattractive. No, some of them were actually quite fetching in their silk gowns, and he expected would soon have a few courters to pick from. Not to say the simple-looking ones wouldn’t have a chance at matrimony; old Lord Rutherford was always looking for a young thing to liven his nights.
But Edward pitied them because they couldn’t contain their curiosity. Every year the young women were told that he, the sixth Duke of Chessington was a man beyond the reach of any commitment; not least of all, matrimony.
Oh, but would they be women if they simply complied?
Definitely not.
He almost shuddered when he thought of just how many unchaperoned meetings he’d been lured into. Never was he going to trust another doe-eyed woman who was in ‘desperate need of air.’
Never was he going to trust any woman watching him like he was a regal dish to be won.
His free hand clenched a fist, anger tightening all his muscles.
He did away with his drink and anticipating no enjoyment from the evening, waited outside as his carriage was brought to the front.
In no mood to converse with those also emerging from the ballroom, he eased himself away from the entrance till he was by the rustling shrubbery of the gardens.
He craned his neck, for there was no wind to cause the elemental sound.
It was a little thing, a little girl half sat under a shelter of dark green foliage.
“Excuse me?” Edward whispered, with a step towards her.
Her head darted up.
It wasn’t a girl’s . . . it was a woman’s.
She wiped at her eyes with rough gloved hands and the terse movements loosened her curls.
“Yes, your Grace” she said, brokenly.
Edward’s carriage finally arrived and came to a halt behind him. He glanced at it before disregarding it and stepping further onto the greenery.
“Can I be of assistance?” he asked.
Her big blue eyes were shining with newly shed tears and they reminded him of his many matrimonial escapes. But this woman, she looked puzzled and worried.
She couldn’t be one of those schemers.
He knelt down and pulled out a handkerchief for her.
“You can tell me what’s wrong,” he said.

466 words


6/18/2012 06:33:46 am

“You don’t need to fight over me, I will both of your friends,” he said with a gleaming smile.

The two in the tussle stopped and looked at him with a slight amount of confusion; after-all they were not fighting over him, not at all. Their fight was much more important.

“I got you to stop, didn’t I?” His smiled broadened as he stepped forward with his hands outstretched to them. He took their hands in his, causing them to separate to either side of him, and walked with them down the street. “Now you see,” he broke out in song, “we are all kin on this big ole world and we should just learn to get along.” He turned and winked at the man on the right. “Every one of us is family, you, me and he. We need to cherish each other as a brother not a foe.”

In the middle of the street, hands still clutching the other’s, they began to spin, their smiles growing with each step.

“I am sorry for your strife,” the man on the left sang to the man on the right. “I know I shouldn’t have slept with your wife.”

“I understand my dear pal,” the other replied, “why you did your deed with her when I look at your grisly gal. I would do the same if I were in your shoes.”

“Isn’t it easy to be nice when there isn’t any vice,” the man with the gleaming smile sang out. He let go of them and danced down the street, his voice warbling his tune.

The men stared at each other, their smiles faded away.

“You son of a…” one started and jumped on top the other.

288 Words

6/18/2012 06:35:31 am

I want to blame Neil Patrick for this.

Robin Abess
6/18/2012 11:39:36 am

Awesome. Sauce. With cherries on top.

6/18/2012 07:13:46 am

“You don't need to fight over me.”
“Who are you?” asked one of the men
He stopped fighting the other man and stared at me, like I was his last meal.
“I am Lucretia.” I answered.
“I don’t like her.”
“Shut-up Sue-Ellen.” the men said shoving her away from me.
“You always treat me badly. Why do I put up with you Ben?” Sue-Ellen asked.“I’m right here. Why are you both looking at her Ben and Conrad?”
Sue Ellen asked stamped her boots.
“Now that you two are done your fight, do you think you could help me change my tire?”I asked
“Sure we could right Ben?” Conrad commanded.
“Yes, of course I’d be happy to.”
I took them to my car conveniently nearby. And the two men asked if I had flashlight which I provided and they began to work.
“So where did you get those boots?” Sue-Ellen asked me.
“These? I got them at Shoe World. Guys seemed to like the thin five inch heel on them.”
“I have to get some of those boots if the guy’s reaction to you is from that.” Sue-Ellen exclaimed. ”How do you get your hair to curl like that? My curls are all frizzy.”
“A little frizz control and the curls lay like that.” I answered.
“You skin is so pale.”
“Yes, I have a medical condition; I keep out of the sun.”
“If you girls are done chatting we’re done and I’m getting a little hungry.” Conrad stated interrupting.
“I’m hungry too.” Ben exclaimed moving closer to me. “Why don’t you follow our car Lucretia and we can have dinner all together?”
“I said I was hungry and hour ago and you both ignored me and started fighting. Now you’re both fawning over Lucretia who you just met. What’s wrong with this picture?” asked Sue -Ellen annoyed.
“We’ll wait for you in the car if you’re coming Sue-Ellen” both men exclaimed in response.
“Face it Sue Ellen you don’t want either of these guys. They are so fickle. “I commented.
“Yes I’m starting to wonder what I ever saw in either of them.”
“How would you like to move on from them and never have to worry about frizzy hair again?” I asked.
“That would be nice.” Sue -Ellen exclaimed.
“Remember that you asked for this.” I explained as I drained the blood from her and then put her in my back seat of my car and gave her my blood.
“Sue-Ellen come on we’ve waited long enough.” Conrad demanded searching for Sue Ellen
I dispatched him in a seconds and when Ben came looking for the two of them a few minutes later I killed him too. Sue-Ellen woke up the next night hungry and we found some men outside a nightclub. Sue-Ellen revelled in her new found power, manipulating men to do her bidding. We women needed to stick together.We were the Queen Vampires of the night in killer boots, no man would treat us badly again.
500 Words

6/18/2012 07:29:01 am

“You don’t need to fight over me. There’s more than enough for both of you,” Kendra assured the two men on either side of the table. She took each by the hand. “Really. Isn’t that why we’re here?”

She spoke primarily to her husband, but also to the suddenly possessive man joining them for dinner. Initially, Mark had been agreeable to her idea of a threesome, but he had been decidedly more reserved since meeting Aaron. She didn’t blame him. Aaron hadn’t missed an opportunity to touch her since this evening had been arranged. He’d been suitably friendly, but platonic at the gathering where they’d met him and many other open married couples. They weren’t exactly one of those, but it seemed a good place to find someone to try this for the first time.

Since that night, they’d met with Aaron for coffee twice. Both times he had kissed her, held her waist, marked her in every way he could short of taking her in public. Mark’s back had risen more and more with each incident. He was about ten seconds from calling this whole thing off. If he did, she wouldn’t complain. It had been her idea, even if he had been almost eager in the beginning.

Turning her hand, she spun her wedding ring so it dug into Aaron’s hand and he let go. Kendra looked to Mark who smiled.

“Let’s skip dessert,” she suggested. “I think there might be something for both of you to eat back home.”

Aaron growled quietly in his throat, running his hand down her back since he had let go of her hand. “Let’s,” he agreed.

Mark took care of the bill while Aaron walked her to the car.

“I can’t wait to devour you. I’m sure you can wait to really be torn between the two of us, both of us taking you, neither letting go.”

Kendra’s breath caught. It was exactly what she wanted, exactly what she’d dreamed about. Where was Mark? He wouldn’t take too long, would he?

“Here, why don’t you sit on my lap while he drives?” Aaron settled into the passenger seat and unzipped himself. His intention couldn’t be more obvious. Mark didn’t notice immediately when he slipped behind the wheel. Aaron pulled Kendra down and then nudged her to the right. “Go on, give him a kiss.”

Her eyes were wide as Aaron’s hand pulled up her skirt, palming the skin of her bottom.

“Mark, give her something to snack on until we get home.”

Mark was still frowning, but blinking in surprise, he smiled. Putting the vehicle back in park, he unfastened his pants as well.

“After all, there’s no need to fight,” he told Kendra before kissing her.
456 words

6/18/2012 07:29:55 am

Oh, Wakefield, could I interview you for my blog? Please contact me at the email given. :) (Authorangelica at gmail)

6/18/2012 08:33:11 am

“You don't need to fight over me.” The words whispered in my ears and echoed through my mind. I turned around with the speed of a lethargic snail. Everything seemed slow motion as I felt his fingers clutching beneath my rib cage sending shots of pain through my system.
“Get out of my head!” I screamed as loud as I could but only silent air rattled within my voice box.
“Don’t fight it anymore.” His voice tried to sooth but nothing he could say would make his desire to control me any less repulsive.
He wanted Mel as much as I did but only I knew what he actually wanted with her.
I struggled to prevent my fist from knocking at her door. I couldn’t let him have her.
“Brother, I’m bored and tired of indulging you’re illusions of being anything less than what you are.” He wasn’t my brother. The idea sent waves of bursting blood vessels inside my head. He couldn’t be. I wouldn’t allow it to be true.
“I’m not…”
“A demon,” He finished my sentence then continued, “It’s time to stop borrowing my body. I don’t like this side of me anymore.”
My fist knocked on Mel’s door. He was taking over.
“Good bye brother.” I smiled feeling my power returning.
The door opened and then Mel wrapped her arms around me. I held her close knowing I would never let my bird fly away again.
“I was so worried. Is your brother really dead?” She sniffled into my shoulder.
No, my bird, I would never leave you like that.
“Shh, everything is just as it’s supposed to be.” The smell of sulfur filled my nose and it was only a matter of time before I could take her back with me.
I would have my prize.
I’ve always wanted an angel in my collection.

309 words

Robin Abess
6/18/2012 11:44:15 am

Nicely written!

Rebekah Postupak
6/18/2012 01:17:55 pm

“You don’t need to fight over me,” said Emily quietly.

Nobody paid attention. The two boys continued circling, fists curled tightly, faces curled even tighter with rage. All the other kids, even the girl with perfect curls and the skinny boy with masking tape-repaired glasses, elbowed each other to get the best view, shouting their violent encouragement.

“Really, I wish you wouldn’t,” Emily said.

She couldn’t see from her spot on the swings who threw the first punch, but she heard a thunk followed by a roar of approval from the crowd and knew it wouldn’t be long now. Schoolyard fights never lasted past their infancy; annoyed teachers inevitably descended before any fight grew lawsuit-worthy.

“Might as well stop; you’re going to get in trouble,” said Emily.

As if on cue, three teachers appeared and the excitement instantly fell dead at their feet. Muscling the two offenders away, the teachers left awkward giggles in their wake. When a muffled bell rang, the relieved students scurried into the building in chatty little clusters, leaving Emily in the schoolyard alone.


“Please, somebody, fight over me,” whispered Emily, as a pair of tears slunk down her cheeks and dropped into the dirt.

200 words

6/18/2012 10:41:09 pm

Cat and Mouse
By Lisa McCourt Hollar

“You don’t need to fight over me.” Laughing, Daniel dodged one snarling un-dead zombie, then ducked under the arms of another, narrowly avoiding being claimed by either. Ignoring his protests, the walker closest to him lurched towards his head, ready to nosh on yummy brains. Daniel yawned lazily, knowing he could easily outmaneuver her; rigor mortis was a bitch, chuckling when the corpse ended up flat on her face. Zombie number two had knocked her down and was now climbing over her rival. One thing about the un-dead; they didn’t share their food.

“Of all the idiotic, asinine…quit playing and get your arse up here.”

“I’m not exactly taking the time to sniff the roses,” Daniel said, looking up to where his girlfriend was watching the show.

“Just pluck the damn thing and get a move on.”

“So nice of you to show concern.” Daniel turned towards the hayloft, ready to climb the makeshift ladder, then froze.

“Uh…honey, you’ve got company coming.”

“What…oh bloody hell!” Lori looked over the side and groaned. Climbing up the ladder was a smaller version of the two zombies Daniel had been taunting. He thought he saw one of them grin; had they been playing a game of cat and mouse with him, while the younger zombie went for Lori? The thought that these two creatures could deliberately distract him didn’t set well, and Daniel swallowed nervously while considered his options.

“I’ve got it sweetie,” Lorie said, pulling her gun and aiming at the little tyke.

“Nice aim dear.” Daniel did admire Lori’s skill, though he wondered how she felt about shooting a child, even one that was already dead. She’d always wanted to be a mother. Confident she would put the bullet through the toddlers head, Daniel turned back towards the other two, ready to finish them off, until a cry from Lori brought his attention back to the hayloft. Lori’s mouth was opened in an O while the gun floated in the air. What the hell?

Lori reached for her backpack, but that too was floating away from her and out the door, while the toddler was now climbing off the ladder and onto the loft.

“Daniel, a little help here.”

Daniel tried to get to her but found his feet glued to the ground. No matter how hard I tried to lift them, they wouldn’t budge. Lori was backed up against the wall where he couldn’t see her. He could still hear her though, screaming his name…and then she stopped.

“LORI!” Daniel struggled some more, even trying to pull his feet out of his shoes. It didn’t work, they refused to follow even the simplest of commands. A sound to his right caused him to look up. The two zombies no longer seemed interested in fighting each other over him. In the spirit of cooperation they had come to some kind of understanding and were now advancing together. Daniel had a feeling this wasn’t going to end well.

Word Count: 496

6/19/2012 03:51:21 am

Love it! Wonder what happened to make the stuff float away and his feet stay glued.... spooky.

6/19/2012 01:09:03 am

“You don’t need to fight over me, you know.” I laughed, a nervous, humorless sort of sound meant to be confident and witty. We clung to the shadows, watching a man skulk far too close for comfort. Vincit, omnia, veritas. I mouthed the words and my vision shifted, revealing the deep orange energy of a middling level demon beneath the human suit. “It’s very flattering and all, and I appreciate the whole Neanderthallish claiming of your female or whatever, but—let me point out: It hasn’t seen us yet. We can just beat feet out of here.”

Gray shot me a look. His blue eyes bled through with molten gold.

“I mean, I’m probably not typical girlfriend material for you anyway, and let’s face facts: I’m twenty pounds underweight and scrawny as hell. I’m probably seriously gamey and not very appetizing demon food.”

“You look plenty appetizing to me, though,” he said. “Just for the record.”

I scowled. “Well, please don’t eat me.”

He snorted. “Never tell your future lover that, Red.”

I blushed to match his nickname for me.

“Well, most—future—l-lovers—” I kept one wary eye on the demon still snuffling around. “Don’t have bone-crushing canines.”

“You should really come to terms with this,” he said.

“Um… which ‘this’ do you mean? The you ‘this’ or the demon ‘this’ or—”

His hand gripped the back of my neck and yanked me to my toes. The searing, possessive kiss left me dazed.

“Understand me now?” he asked.

I nodded quick and hard, words failing me. Apparently satisfied, Gray burst from the shadows, shifting from man to raging, seven-foot tall wolf beast in seconds. His clothes exploded in a shower of fragmented fabric. The demon turned with screeching howl and didn’t wait for any further invitation to the smackdown.

“Don’t lose,” I said under my breath. “Please.”

A lycan and demon cage match didn’t usually scare me, but I’d come woefully underarmed. And when it came to supernatural fights, I liked to have the deck stacked heavily in my favor. I’d have taken a blessed flip flop and slapped the ugly bastard upside its head to even the playing field a bit.

I winced at the first scrape of claws on claws. My eyes fixed on the battle. The demon sank its teeth into Gray’s shoulder. Gray howled and ripped the thing away, throwing it. Concrete exploded as momentum carried it through a wall.

“Yes! Point to Team Wolf.”

Gray shot me a look that managed to look disbelieving and amused.

“Holy dog ears, Batman. You heard me?”

“Were you going for quiet, Red?”

“I—I—” My jaw dropped at the growling, yet intelligible words. “Wow. Guess you can learn new tricks.”

“Impertinent chit,” he said. “I’m not old.”

“But you are a dog.”

He glared at me.

“Kind of.” I gulped. “Like Cujo on steroids, maybe. Or—”

He rolled his golden eyes. “You’re babbling.”

The demon crashed into Gray.

“Round Two.” I sighed. “Fight.”

500 #WIP500 words


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