Mondays can be tough.  If you are a weekday writer like me and even if you aren't  sometimes it is hard to get going if you've spent the weekend doing chores instead of writing.  I thought it might be fun to do something on Mondays instead of waiting until Friday.  Even if you just like a challenge, you are welcome to participate

The Rules

  1. Story must continue from the prompt.
  2. No more than 500 words (not including the prompt)
  3. Any genre (in fact an unexpected genre will get you more points.)
  4. Entries must be submitted by Tuesday Noon EST
  5. The winner of each week's competition will be invited to judge the following week.
  6. Have fun!

Week #1 Prompt:

Ryn bolted through the launch bay brandishing a rifle in one hand, a dozen blue roses in the other.