The New Year brings resolutions to make things different this time around.  This past year in particular, we had the rollover of the Mayan Universal Cycle.  Rather than an end, we find ourselves in a new beginning.  Use this week’s prompt to explore the cyclical nature of existence or how someone might break that cycle.

In addition to the usual bragging rights and judgeship, this week's winner will win a copy of "The Book of Adam and Eve"  the first story in my AI: Genesis series which covers just such a topic (or another short story in my collection of their choice).

The Judge

This week's judge is no stranger to the winner's circle.  David Ludwig has won Motivation Monday several times, along with nearly every other challenge on the Flash Fiction circuit.
Best of all, he is a tremendous supporter of other writers and always offers helpful critiques when he judges.

Visit his website to find out more about David.  You'll find fascinating posts about gaming, blog series like  Lost Girls' Society, artwork and information about the new Super Flash Fiction Magazine.

The Prompt

The events transpiring had happened before.  [I/He/She/They] knew exactly how this would end.

*Feel free to replace anything in the braces, with a comparable word/clause*

The Rules

  1. The story must start from the prompt.  This means the prompt must be the
    first words in the story.
  2. No more than 500 words (not including the
    prompt).  No less than 100 words.
  3. Any genre (in fact an
    unexpected genre will get you more points.)
  4. Entries must be submitted
    by Tuesday Noon EST
  5. The winner of each week's competition will be
    invited to judge the following week and post the winner's badge similar to the
    one shown here.
  6. If your story would be rated R or NC-17 in a movie, please post a note to that effect at the beginning of your entry.
  7. Have fun!

1/7/2013 04:18:59 am

The events transpiring had happened before. I knew exactly how this would end. I have no choice in the matter; all I can do was watch helplessly. No one hears the warnings screamed from my lungs. They hear my screams as the breeze, fluttering my edges and carrying the aromas of popcorn and cotton candy, and the whimsical notes from the calliope. I billow my top, thinking I look unappealing but they rush in with laughter and excitement. Again, I try to warn of the dangers within but still no one listens. The music pumps and the lights darken, they are now prisoners held inside of me anticipating something exciting. The lights above their heads flash and sparkle. They still have time before—too late, they start pouring in, the hideous creatures. A few see their mistake but know there is no escape for them now from the evil Clowns.

150 words

1/7/2013 09:48:36 pm

Mother of Crows

The events transpiring had happened before. She knew exactly how this would end. Tera shelled the nut as she watched below. Behind her, she heard the caw of the crow as it waited. She had seen the man with the hoodie keeping an eye on the back entrance of the club. Once in a while employees would come out. He left them alone. It was the occasional club goer tht would come out a little more drunk than was safe. Such as the pair of women that stumbled out, one of them almost falling into

She pursed her lips, teeth crunching down as she watched. It was anyone’s game really. The girls could have mace or a taser. Women seemed to be keen on arming themselves more. Good on them.

Tera leaned her chin in her hand, watching the man slink up. She unfortunately couldn’t do anything other than her job. No interference. She had seen what happened when someone tried to interfere and it hadn’t been pretty. The crow landed next to her, tilting its head one way. She reached out a finger to run it along the black head. “Be patient.”

The crow warbled at her as it fluffed its feathers.

They both listened to the women scream and the man yelling before there was a <I>pop</i> sound. Tera’s brows shot up. “Huh.” She watched the mugger stagger back into a couple of garbage cans as he fell. The women gave another scream before they both took off in a clattering of heels. “Go down now.” She nodded down at the body and straightened up as the crow stretched out raven wings and glided down to land on the man’s chest, pecking at the eye.

Tera could hear the sires start as she stepped back from the edge. They were quick. Normally she had a good two minutes before she could hear them. A squad car must have been close. She stopped caring when the rush of memories hit her and she dropped to one knee as the man’s life flickered through her mind. Most prevalent was the little blonde girl that kept calling for her daddy.

She heard the rustle of feathers as the crow landed back on top of the building, waiting for her to get up. She cough, shaking her head to pull herself out of the vertigo. “Let’s go home.” She had to story the man’s life before they faded into the ether.

409 words

Miranda Kate
1/8/2013 07:31:57 am

The events transpiring had happened before. I knew exactly how this would end. I didn’t really want to see it again, but I had no choice; I was transfixed - although more by the gun to my head than by the repetition of the dialogue resounding in my mind.

I knew the man holding the gun was going to grab the guy next to me, seconds before he did, and then I remembered that something was going to happen at the window that would distract him and his head would turn. That was my moment.

Even though my hands were duct taped behind me, I tried to brace myself. I knew I could bring my knee up hard into his groin, which was perfectly lined up in front of me. He wouldn’t expect it; he would be too busy looking.

I heard the sound at the window and saw his head start to turn. I got ready to move, but then I saw it too and remembered why I hadn’t done this the last time.

As the object hurtled through the window, sending shards of glass across the shop floor, I knew that none of us had a chance.

A white flash blinded us, then a wall of heat hit us a fraction of a second later. The imprint of the flash turned into a tunnel of light and I wondered if they would send me back again, for another try.

241 words


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