Mondays can be tough.  If you are a weekday writer like me and even if you aren't  sometimes it is hard to get going if you've spent the weekend doing chores instead of writing.  I thought it might be fun to do something on Mondays instead of waiting until Friday.  Even if you just like a challenge, you are welcome to participate

The Rules

  1. Story must continue from the prompt.
  2. No more than 500 words (not including the prompt)
  3. Any genre (in fact an unexpected genre will get you more points.)
  4. Entries must be submitted by Tuesday Noon EST
  5. The winner of each week's competition will be invited to judge the following week.
  6. Have fun!

Week #1 Prompt:

Ryn bolted through the launch bay brandishing a rifle in one hand, a dozen blue roses in the other.
10/24/2011 06:38:41 am

Two Faced
Ryn bolted through the launch bay brandishing a rifle in one hand, a dozen blue roses in the other. He was bound and determined to see her, the love of his life a blue skinned princess named GaLaa. There was a drawback however thus the rifle. GaLaa’s brothers didn’t like that was human and had forbidden her to see him. All her brothers carried about was wealth and Ryn had achieved great wealth since he last saw GaLaa.. GaLaa had sent him a subspace message a week ago that today they would marry her off to Flibus a blue troll from the planet Kublis simply because he had offered a dowry of six hectares.’ Ryn would offer eight hectares and her brothers would accept it or he would take GaLaa by force. GaLa had wanted to marry him not Flibus who was cruel and fed on emotions and she was already married to him by Captain Terrence last time he was on this planet. Unfortunately she had been spirited away by her brothers the next day. She had not told them of their wedding fearing their wrath and Ryn had been knocked over the head and sent away to Helios a planet for slaves. Lucky for him his cousin Roger was in charge and had taken him out of the mines rescuing him. Ryn had wanted to pay his cousin back by gifting him with riches from his travels but Flibus had killed him .Flibus had much to answer for and Ryn was going to see he got it after he rescued GaLaa.
Ryna entered the palace and quickly found GaLaa’s room the sight of her in her two veils took his breath away.
“Ryn thank goodness I thought you’d be too late and I be tied to Flibus despite our vows.”GaLa cried throwing her for arms around Ryn and excepting the blue roses. ”How will you challenge Flibus ?”
“I am not going to challenge him GaLaa he killed my cousin Roger and conspired with your brother’s to send me to a slaver planet I’m going to shoot him dead.”
“Confront him then Ryn save me.”GaLaa demanded out of both mouths.
I grabbed her hands and pulled her tight to me leaving the palace with her when Flibus appeared in front of me.
“When will you learn GaLaa is mine human? Flibus demanded
Ryn raised his gun but GaLa’s brother Geico knocked the gun out of his hands and Ryn pushed GaLaa out of the way to safety. Ryn ,Flibus fought the brothers cheering Flibus. Flibus sucked the emotions out of Ryn like some psychic vampire and he felt weakened and drained but continued fighting first with hand to hand combat then scoring a direct hit on Flibus with the knife GaLaa threw him. Flibus however fought valiantly too and manged to best Ryn taking the knife away as the two lay dying they heard
GaLaa say “A widow twice over two rich husbands. What do you say brothers do I know how to pick them?”
Flibus and Ryn died cursing GaLaa and her two faces.
499 words + prompt

10/24/2011 07:41:14 am

Great ending, Sheil, I never saw it coming!

10/28/2011 03:39:12 am

Ryn bolted through the launch bay brandishing a rifle in one hand, a dozen blue roses in the other. The healing elixir contained within the soft petals would be enough to save her if he could get them there in one piece but the guards behind him had other thoughts.

“Ryn Hacik freeze now!” The guard yelled out of breath from behind him.

They had chased him from the landing bay across the base; the Blue Night Rose was illegal in this part of the Anja system.

The insects that feasted on the dew carried a deadly disease that could kill a grown man in seconds, flesh being one of their favorite meals, but the nectar could also heal the Paha Flu that was ravaging the planet and most of the others in the Anja system.

The Empirical Government had been wrestling with a way to extract the nectar without carrying the Gigi flea back to the populace for over 6 months as their people died.

Ryn couldn’t worry about that now, he had to save her. His love, his heart, the only thing in the universe that even mattered to him anymore, his Sarah, and these flowers were his only hope. It had cost him a million bucks to hitch a ride and buy the suit that would protect him from the fleas. He had also had to pay for the insecticide that would kill the flesh eating bugs and then of course there was the cost of smuggling them and him back onto the planet.

The guards continued to yell at him to freeze but he kept his legs churning, kept them moving to get there before they could stop him.

The first shot hit him in the shoulder, spinning him around and forcing him hard onto his stomach. He felt the hot burning of the cauterizing laser.

At this range it was a warning shot but one he couldn’t afford to heed. He struggled to his feet, grabbed the roses, and started running again. The next shot hit him in the center of his back throwing him forward onto his chest again.

The pain was like a million bee stings, a hot metal poker being forced under the skin. Everything in him willed him forward, he crawled now as he heard the approach of the soldier’s feet slapping hard against the metal floor.

Sweat beaded up on his forehead both from the exertion and the horrible pain in his back. Looking down he could see a pinpoint of smoke rising from a hole burnt into the front of his T-shirt from the penetration of the laser and then he felt the kick to his side that ended his progress as he passed out.

“Stupid bastard.” One of the guards said angrily.

“Yeah, well, we did what we could.” The other answered sounding apologetic for the way it had ended.

“What the hell!” Yelled the first guard as he smacked at his neck and immediately fell, dead.

10/28/2011 04:07:03 am

Thrilling scene. Very nice!


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