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The Judge

This week's judge is one of my favorite new writers.  I was very happy to see her picked last week.

Rebekah Postupak is a writer, teacher, executive assistant, and believer that coffee is a moral imperative.

The Prompt

I can't wait that long.

The Rules


5/14/2012 02:55:43 am

‘I can’t wait that long.’
The words hung in the air like rainclouds. ‘It’s only six months…’ Laurie said.
Jake began to pace. That was his thing. Back and forwards across the room, staring down at his feet. He did it when he was on the phone, or when he was thinking about the best way to avoid a difficult conversation. Laurie thought she could see slight indentations in the carpet from where his pacing had worn it out, but maybe it was just her imagination.
‘So what am I supposed to do? Just hang around? Wait till you’ve had your fun? Wait till you’ve decided to come back to your boring old life with me? Huh?’
Laurie sighed. ‘I’m not going for fun, Jake. It’s work. You know that. Christ, if I had any choice, I−’
He cut her off. ‘There’s always a choice, Laurie. I’ve told you before, you don’t even need to work. I earn more than enough for us both… and… more…’
‘You want me barefoot and pregnant, huh? Chained to the kitchen sink? Houseful of dirty laundry and a couple of screaming ankle-biters for company every day? It’s not me, Jake. You knew what you were getting when you met me. I never lied. I never told you I was going to change…’
Jake picked up her jacket from the back of the chair. Ran his fingers over the flashes on the lapels. ‘I just don’t want to lose you, Laurie.’ He’d stopped pacing, his voice was barely a whisper.
Laurie cupped his face in her palms, kissed him tenderly. ‘I’m going to Afghanistan, Jake. It’s what I trained for.’

275 words

5/14/2012 03:26:13 am

I can’t wait that long, why do they not hear my plea? It’s always I need more time. I grow weary of their entreaties and yet I continue dealing with individuals who whine and cry that it’s not their fault; that they were a product of society.
Do they think my job is easy? I’ve forgotten what it’s like to do any other job and these people drone on about their petty jobs like their jobs mattered to me. The only thing that matters to me is their life.
School teachers think they are so important molding children’s minds into productive citizens. Oh I know, that some of them do their job and actual encourage children but the majority I come across are just on power trips. Their lot wring their hands and gnash their teeth hoping for redemption.
Once in a while I come across a person who has struggled all of their life and they are weary. They make no excuses and welcome me into their home. These people are the salt of the earth, and beg me only to let them make their goodbyes.
People have believed in me for centuries, but I am known now as a myth, a fairy-tale told to frighten children, instead of the creature I am.
So now we come to the novelists .They offer me free copies of their books, and other selected offers. One such is this author taking down all my words. This author offers to make me legendary, a being feared by all, known worldwide if I would but give her thirty more days to make all right. That would certainly make my job easier. It grows tedious to have to explain who I am all the time after all.
The author toils long and hard writing always writing. Burning her brief candle on both ends writing down what she believes to be her greatest novel. I haven’t the heart to tell her that it will be pap sold to the masses and then quickly discarded. After all she thinks of herself as the next Charles Dickens.
Oh you grow curious to I am, must I explain?
Very well then if you must know, I am He Who Rides the Pale Horse. You still don’t understand? I am known by many names Thanatos, Ankou , Śmierć, Pesta, Mrtyu, Yanlou ,Malach, HaMavet, the Angel of Dark and Light, the Angel of the Abyss, the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse, Giltinė, El Muerte or as English speaking people like to call me Death or simply the Grim Reaper.
And now it is time for my writer to say goodbye. So please love her stories and make her and me, immortal.
Come now writer and yes you reader, your time has come bid goodbye. Did you think I didn’t know you were there, reading? If you were drawn to the story then it is your time. Come now lay down your head and accompany me.It's time
499 words

5/14/2012 06:26:02 am

I can’t wait that long and remain calm; I smell them and the hunger bangs in me demanding to be filled. How is it possible that they found a cage that I cannot break free? It was probably an accident that the zoo had a cage suited for a rhinoceros. I have been in the hull of this ship, bouncing around for countless days.

“This is your fault,” It taunts me. “You could’ve escaped after you fed on that courts man, but no, you returned into the cage and waited.”

True, I did have the opportunity to escape, but I want to see this new land, America, though it is not that new any longer. Civilization has come and conquered the wilds. There will be new hunting grounds for me to stalk the ones I deem unjust and deserving; the irony of that. When the cage is unloaded on the shores of America, I will be free.

How much longer, though? I grow impatient. At least when I was buried six feet into the ground, I had the excuse of not feeding easily. Here, though, is different. I know they come near my tarp covered prison. I smell them. I call out for rescue but no one comes to set me free. Had the governor that imprisoned me, instructed them to not come near my cage for any reason? More than likely, I think.

I see the tarp slowly move into the cage from between two bars. I sit and watch. What game could this be? It slowly sags back the way it came. A small hole allows light to flood into the cage for the first time since I was placed in here. Have we finally arrived? I still feel the ship boat bob and weave.

“We still sail,” It says, confirming my thoughts.

A finger pokes through the hole, spreading it open. Dark covers it again. I assume someone trying to spy upon the monster locked within. Two fingers spread the hole wider. I see the eye peering in at me. More fingers enter the opening and rip down. The gash in the tarp sends fresher air gushing in at me. I remain sitting on the floor across from this brave soul, stealing a peek at me. His complete face is now visible in the opening now torn a quarter of the way to the floor.

“You’re a man,” he says.

“Yes, I am.”

“I don’t understand. The manifest says beast and no further description. I heard you call out a few times but thought it came from above.”

I stare blankly at him.

“You must have accidentally been locked in there, I take it,” he barely took a breath or pause to allow me to answer. “Probably, you got trapped when you and your chaps were putting it in the cage, it made the slip and you got locked in.”

I couldn’t help but to smile. I guess I won’t need to wait that long after all.


#500 Words #WIP

Miranda Kate
5/14/2012 07:59:12 am

Cold Feet

“I can’t wait that long.”

Michelle’s heart skipped a beat as he said it, and she replied, “You’re going to have to squeeze me in before your work weekend then.”

“I’ll meet you in the city tomorrow night at 8, on the front steps of the station.”

“I’ll be there.” She said, ‘with bells on’, she thought.

They hadn’t been seeing each other long, a month maybe, but it was heating up. She was trying to play it cool as she wouldn’t be around for much longer - but it wasn’t working.

Greg greeted her with a kiss, something he didn’t normally do, and it made her face flush red. He smiled his sparkling green-eyed smile and the flirting began. They went out to eat and had a few drinks in the bar, but it was all a distraction from the true intention of the night, which was going back to his place.

And once there, the alcohol they had consumed did its work and all inhibitions were lost as they gave into their desire for each other.

But this time he started saying things that concerned her, like: “I’ve been waiting for this night all week; I want you in my bed every night.” And when he work her the following morning with the usual hand on her stomach, she responded, although his words from the night before still rang in her ears. He was warm and affectionate in a way he hadn’t been before and it made her nervous.

She was quiet in the car when he dropped her off on his way to work, but he seemed oblivious, with a big grin on his face and a glint in his eye.

“I’ll call you Sunday night.” He said as she got out the car. She stood and waved as he drove away, feeling tears well-up and her stomach churn. She rushed into the hostel and started packing up her things, looking up the next place in her guidebook.

She hated doing it this way, but it was for the best. And as she walked down to the train station she tried hard not to image the look on his face when he called on Sunday to find her gone without a trace.

375 Words

5/14/2012 08:53:17 am

“I can’t wait that long.”
Kestrelandel blinked at the diminutive human girl who shifted from foot to foot, her dark hair bouncing curls.
“You have to wait,” the unicorn said, pawing the ground. Was this really the same child he had healed only a few years ago? Poor mortals, growing and dying so quickly.
“I can’t die,” she declared, recognizing her own limitations.
The unicorn blew out her nose. “You won’t die for years yet.”
“And I know how quickly your kind makes decisions. Which is why I want to bring up the possibility. I need to speak to him now. I need him to do it before news spreads.”
Kestrelandel pawed the dirt again with a cloven hoof. “You ask for much,” she reminded Fae. “This has never been done.”
“A human had never ascended before Cob. An immortal never died before Anther. Things change, Kestrel, whether you want it or not. I want to be a part of that, one of you. I will never be human again!” she said vehemently.
“Follow me,” Kestrelandel said with a sigh. “I am not responsible for what comes next.”
Fae hugged her silky mane. “I know. Thank you.”

197 words
Four Winds

5/14/2012 09:58:13 am

“I can’t wait that long,” Leo pouted complete with a little foot stomp.

He probably thought he was glowering and intimidating, but I always found temper-tantrums more annoying than frightening. The scrawny squirt was the youngest regular at my hobby shop, and as near as I could tell maintained some sort of secret laboratory stocked from over the counter fixatives, cleaning solutions and modeling supplies. That or the kid had a whole lot of hobbies. What did I care? It was all legal and unrestricted.

That particular day he needed a specific brand of cobalt blue modeling paint, and a sweet old man had left with our last bottle an hour ago. So I told Leo to come back on Friday after we got a new shipment. Now the brat was trying to stare me down from behind the wall of glass that supposedly helped his vision, but from my side just magnified his guppy eyes and paint-spill freckles.

“I think you’re going to have to,” I leaned over the counter so Leo didn’t have to crane his neck as much while staring me down. “Unless you think you’ll get over to the next town and find some there before then. What’s your hurry?”

“I-I’m working on a project!” The scamp’s arms crossed tighter, though he lost our staring contest.

“They got any blue paint at the school you can use then?” I tried to keep my voice friendly with customers, even Leo, though sometimes it was all I can do to keep from laughing the little bugger out of my store.

“Not the right kind! And it isn’t a school project!” he cut me off before I could tell him blue was blue.

“Well, your project’s just going to have to wait,” I spread my hands with my best sympathetic sigh.

Then the kid busted out the big guns. He looked like he was about to start crying, and not in a ‘hissy fit, throw him out for disturbing the other customers’ way, but in a genuine soul crushing loss of all his hopes and dreams sort of way.

“But it has to be tonight! I, I won’t get another chance for years!”

I’d never seen Leo look so heartbroken, and I’m ashamed to say I caved.

“Well, if you wait out here I can check if we have any more in back… But no promises.”

So is it somehow my fault the world ended? I suppose partially. But how the heck was I supposed to know he needed it to raise the souls of the dead and instate himself as a dark lord ruling over all mankind? I never even believed in magic!

If only we hadn’t had that spare box of cobalt blue paints.

457 words

5/14/2012 11:28:18 am

“Please, can I just go after this show?” he belted out from the other room.
“I can’t wait that long” she hollered back with equal disdain.
He rolled his eyes at her and begrudgingly got up from his warm and comfy seat.
“You know it is below freezing out there.” he grumbled as he put his woolen cloak on.
“Do you want one or two eyes this time?” he quizzed.
“You know I want two, and bring me a bag of toad warts too.” she replied.
He was sure he wasn’t the first mage to encounter this situation, but this baby making business was truly frustrating.

5/14/2012 11:29:16 am

106 words

5/14/2012 11:40:09 am

“I can’t wait that long.”

Laura stared back at her sister defiantly as her lip trembled, and when the other girl failed to respond, she resumed stuffing her belongings into her bag. A tear slipped down her cheek as she searched the room for anything else she would possibly need for her escape from this nightmare.

“Just wait until the priest gets here,” her sister, Beth, urged while looking at her watch. “It should only be five more minutes, tops.” She gazed at her sister in concern, not missing the dark circles that lingered beneath her eyes. She felt for the younger girl, but at the same time, she couldn’t help but feel as if she was blowing this entire thing out of proportion.

Laura, however, merely shook her head and slung the backpack over her shoulder. “You don’t get it,” she whispered. “You don’t understand. I can’t even take five more seconds in this house, Beth.” She started for the door, but her sister grabbed onto her wrist tightly. She whirled around to glare at her, but Beth only narrowed her eyes as confusion gripped her.

“Why can’t you just wait? This is your home. If there are ghosts here, then they’re the intruders. Shouldn’t they have to listen to what you say?”

Just as the words were spoken, the lights in the living room flickered around them. Laura trembled as her sister seemed to freeze. “That’s just it,” Laura said, dread filling her as the familiar chill fell upon her body. “They don’t listen to anyone.”

258 words

5/14/2012 12:02:28 pm

"I can't wait that long."

He looked nervous and sounded earnest, but how could we believe what he had told us? Bar patrons weren't known for being the most credible people.

Wheels shrieked as they came to a sudden stop just outside the tavern. One, two, three doors opened then closed. The bartender, complying with our guest's request, plugged in an extension cord and tossed him the other end.

In a single motion that demonstrated dexterity and desperation, he caught the cord, cut off the end, split the two wires apart and plunged one into each eye socket.

The lights dimmed briefly and, just as the front door opened, the nervous man burst into a brilliant ball of light that expanded to fill the room and then vanished, leaving the extension cord to fall to the floor.

The three newcomers didn't bother to say, "Hello." They just turned around, ran back to their car and sped away. We still don't know what happened to that visitor or his pursuers and we never saw any of them again.

You should have seen what the bar's electric bill for that month was, though.

191 Words

5/14/2012 08:56:22 pm

“I can’t wait that long,” I said, but my words were cut off.
Gary grabbed my collar, and pulled me close.
“You listen to me, and you listen hard,” he said, and pointed a finger in my face.

I blinked unevenly, I was panicking, and it was hard understanding his words.

“They’ll kill him if we don’t do as they said. I don’t want to tell you again,”he said, and pushed me back as he let me go.

I stumbled, and my jacked caught the edge of the chair, ripping it.
I started crying, again, and I tried to stop. They’d taken Jake, our only son, and now I was stuck in a motel room, waiting to hear from them.

“I’ll go get us something to eat. You stay in this room,” Gary said, and slammed the door behind him.

The kidnappers had called us a week earlier, saying they had a plan for us, and if we followed it: we’d get our son back. This was the second motel we were in, it was the second motel we would rob, and I hated it.

I’d been a high school teacher, Gary worked on cars, and none of us had a criminal past.

The phone rang, and I launched myself at it.
“Hello?” I said, my voice quivering.
“The plans have changed, move on to place three, but stop at Willy’s Parlor and pick up a package first, it’s off the state road,” a voice said.
Always the same, it sounded mechanical, and with my voice breaking twice, I told him we’d do it.

Gary came back with a handful of snickers, and when I told him about the phone, his face set in a grim line.

“Let’s go, pack your stuff,” he ordered.

Ten minutes later we were on the road, our car which had once been brand new and shiny, was now dirty and smelled.

We didn’t speak, none of us had anything to say, and when we finally got to Willy’s parlor, we both went pale. It was a weapon’s store. Gary went in, and came back holding a brown paper package, gingerly in his hands. When he opened it, my heart stopped beating - it was a gun.

“Let’s get to the motel,” he said, and pushed the gun away.

The new motel was worse than the last, our room was pre-booked as per usual, and when we got to the motel room there was a note.

“You’re being watched. Your son is in one of the rooms on your floor. If you open the door to the room and it’s occupied, kill the people and move on. If you find your son, before opening three doors, we will let you live,” it said.

We looked at the note, and then looked at each other, before we got to our feet. Gary held the gun, I opened the door, and then we stepped in to the hallway.

Word count: 491

5/14/2012 11:24:10 pm

The Thorn Prince

“I can't wait that long. You promised me that it would be done and I would be the one in charge.” A clawed finger pointed at the man sitting in a heavy oaken chair, dark red hair pulled back as he looked down at maps spread out on the table.

Dark eyes lifted up, staring back at the demonkin. “You’re scorching my floor and upsetting the plants.” Large pots of plants circled along the perimeter of the room, leaves all different colors.

“I don’t give a damn about your floor.” A fist slammed down on the table, jarring the glassware sitting on it. “You may be called the supposed Thorn Prince but you promised me that I would be the one in control. I tried to go to the keep and I was lucky to walk out with my horns still intact.”

Slender fingers wrapped around a wine glass that had been teetering on its base. “I told you that you needed to be patient time and again. It isn’t my fault that you can’t listen. I need to place the right people in the right places. You only waited three days before bumbling in there and now I’m hoping that you haven’t ruined MY plans.”

The demonkin sputtered and stared at the composed young man. “YOUR PLANS!!?!? What about MY plans? The ones I’m paying you for?”

Fingers flicked in his direction as the Thorn Prince shifted in his sit, gaze dropping to the map again. “They are proceeding as planned. The end of the month shows victory.”

“A month? I can’t wait a month! I need results now!”

“If you hadn’t decided to take a bet with the Voodu Lord, you wouldn’t need to be coming up with the money. Correct, Bastile?”

There was a definite lack of blustering as the demonkin stared at the other man, eyes wide as a started deer’s. “I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Of course you do. You went to the Southern Islands and gambled a little too much on. Well those things take time as well to make and they are expensive. Though from what I’ve heard, your body parts will more than make up for the loss.”

“Are you threatening me?!” Bastile’s face flushed, the red skin turning a dull purple and going to black. “I will kill you and leave your bones to the zombies!” clawed hands grabbed hold of the table and flipped it over.

The man gave a small sigh, as glass shattered and the metal candelabra clattered to the floor. “Must you be so uncouth?”

“I’m going to tear the skin from your bones and suck out the marrow.” The demonkin gave a low growl as he stomped towards the unruffled man.

“So you say.” Dark eyes gazed at the beast, tapping his fingers against the arm of his chair. The plants rustle and throned vines shot out and wrapped around the demonkin. “I’ve been promised a lot for the pieces left. Good bye, Bastile.”

500 words

5/15/2012 02:03:19 am

Title: Use by Force

“I can’t wait that long.” His voice trembled as his panic began to grow.

“Perfection takes time. You need to be patient,” the other man stated, looking on with disinterest.

“You don’t understand. If I don’t have this in by the deadline, my ass is grass. My boss doesn’t play around.” The man’s heart began to pound as his imagination began to picture just what would happen to him if he showed up empty handed.

“Not my problem. You shouldn’t have waited so long to bring this to me.”

“Frank, please, man to man,” the desperate man begged. “You know what Toliv is capable of. I have a family to consider here. Don’t you have a family?”

Frank finally looked up from his worktable and wiped his hands with a soiled handkerchief. “I told you that getting involved with Toliv was a mistake, but you didn’t listen to me. I do have a family to think about, which is why I am not going to bend over backwards to help you. My other clients are just as important as you. One of the reasons I’m still in business is because I don’t play favorites.”

“Frank, you are leaving me no choice.”

Frank stood to his full 6’5” height and stared down at the man across from him, leaning his hands on the edge of his table. “Are you threatening me, Mac?”

“No-o-o …”

“Then what are you saying?”

Suddenly, Mac whipped out a pistol out of his pocket. Before he could get a single shot out, Frank retaliated and pulled the trigger of the gun he had fastened to the underside of his worktable. The bullets from the forty caliber Desert Eagle 40 slammed into Mac, the force pushing the man back a few feet from the table. Blood began seeping through his shirt as he looked at Frank in horror.

“I told you it was a mistake,” Frank said as he returned to his worktable.

326 words

5/15/2012 02:08:29 am

In one of the last sentences, I forgot to remove the "40" - the sentence should read "The bullets from the forty caliber Desert Eagle slammed into Mac" - sorry about that! :)
So that would be 325 words. :P


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