Here we are on the cusp of winter, for many of those who choose to enter, we've already had our first snow and I'm reminded of a day so long ago

The Prompt

Somehow he wasn't surprised that it was snowing in Austin on June 19th.

The Judge

This week's Judge is Siobhan Muir a clever writer and a great lady.  Please visit her site and show her some appreciation!

The Rules

  1. Story must continue from the prompt.
  2. No more than 500 words (not including the prompt)
  3. Any genre (in fact an unexpected genre will get you more points.)
  4. Entries must be submitted by Tuesday Noon EST
  5. The winner of each week's competition will be invited to judge the following week.
  6. Have fun!
11/7/2011 02:59:38 am


Somehow, he wasn't surprised that it was snowing in Austin on June 19th. Everything about that girl turned his world upside down. Chris procrastinated staring at the church before going in. Awkwardness hung in the air as he stepped through the doors. It helped that they did have a small number of mutual friends, still conflicting feelings of belonging and alienness grappled in his chest. The church seemed so big on the inside. It hardly looked like a chapel from outside.
“Oh my gosh, you’re here!” Tina gushed running to hug him. “I didn’t think you’d make it.”
“And miss you’re big day? I wouldn’t miss it for the world,” acting wasn’t his forte but he put on his best fake smile. “Hey aren’t you supposed to be hiding from your groom?”
“I’m not superstitious, if it’s love it’s forever, right?” There is nothing like the radiance of a beaming bride.
“I wish you all the luck in the world.”
Everything about the wedding was gorgeous, from the ice-sculptured swans to the seven-tiered cake, in the reception area, down to the detail of the bridesmaids’ dresses.
The organist began to play Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring and Chris let out a sigh. This was really it. The proud father, the blushing bride, the cute little flower girls and the four-year-old ring bearer, everything went perfectly.
“Is there anyone here who may show just cause why these two should not be united in holy matrimony?” Chris allowed himself an evil grin as he ran through outrageous scenarios from books and movies. Naturally, nobody said a word.
“Man and wife” Tina kissed the love of her life and everyone applauded.
After the couple danced the first dance, Chris expected Tina to dance with her father but she made a beeline for him. “Don’t you remember? This is our song!”
Slowly swaying he could smell her sweet perfume. He looked down at her face and but she was looking away, probably smiling at her husband he thought. All too soon, the song was over. Tina looked into his eyes and said, “Thank you.”
Chris tried to keep himself busy stuffing his face and paying attention to nothing in particular for the rest of the reception. Tina’s parents who had always seemed violently opposed to his friendship with Tina made their rounds. Her mother told him “Tina was very glad you could come today.” He’d given up trying to discern the meaning of her expressions.
At last, Chris stood outside with the others, throwing rice and cheering on the happy couple. He watched as they drove off with streamers dangling from their car. He thought to himself how appropriate June 19th was, because that was the day she finally set his heart free.

459 words @WakefieldMahon

11/7/2011 03:07:57 am

Somehow he wasn't surprised that it was snowing in Austin on June 19th. The light dusting was little more than a passing curiosity on his way to something far more common in downtown Austin. The tell tale tape was across an empty parking lot. At night the neon cowgirl would be waving and winking at every pickup truck that rolled by hoping to coax the adventurous or just the lonely into exchange their hard earned dollars for a glimpse of tasseled breasts and bought smiles.

Most of the snowflakes melted within moments of fluttering to the asphalt, but a few landed upon the grayish brown skin of Jaun Doe, definitely a Mexican national, but different than most bodies, this one smelled of Polo cologne, the gaudy Polo style shirt looked to be real, not one of the knock offs growing so popular recently even among people lucky to earn 20 dollars a day. The Gold Chain around the Jaun Doe's neck held a medallion, It was the size of a krugerand only oblong, it was twisted and pierced where a bullet had torn through on its way to Juan. The bullet hole was perfectly centered, whoever killed him intentionally shot the medallion, closer inspection revealed it to be an oversize San Cristobal medal.

Apparently Saint Christopher didn't see fit to protect this particular traveler. In addition to the hole in the medal there were three in Jaun's chest and one through his eye socket. The black Cadillac Escalade that shielded the body from street view is registered to a Larry Ebbers, further inquiry reveals that Mr. Ebbers is a federally licensed gun dealer.

Upon arrival at Austin Tactical a clean cut middle aged man, more fit than average greets the Detective with a big smile, a quick glance of the photo on the detectives phone confirms that Larry does in fact know the body, he identifies him as Julio Rodriguez.

"Sure I know him, I just sold him 200,000 dollars worth of Assault Rifles, and actually I sold them in lots of ten to straw buyers. But Julio was a hands on kind of guy. He came into the store himself and supervised each of his buyers. He has been doing this with me every month for about 2 years."

"Don't you think it's suspicious that a person would buy that many assault rifles?"

"Yes, I do that is why I told the ATF, those boys told me to keep making sales and just record the serial numbers and every month they come by about a week after Julio and collect all the records. I assume they are tracking the guns, well I did assume that until that debacle in Arizona."

"You mean that border agent that was killed?"

"Yea, I brought that up to the agents last time they were here and they said not to worry about that, they said that was a different operation."

"Why was Julio driving your Escalade?"

"That’s not mine, the atf bought that."

488 words

11/7/2011 03:18:05 am

@antonioagnelo21 Topical and cynical I love it!

11/7/2011 04:01:24 am

Entry ineligible:
"Somehow he wasn't surprised that it was snowing in Austin on June 19th."

Not that it looked like Austin, or that calendars had been discovered yet. Wind whistled across the open savannah, driving snow before it like the cottonwood seeds he used to see here. Well, back in his own time. He tightened the bison hide around his shoulders with a sturdy hemp belt and turned his back to the wind, grateful he still had his flannel shirt, fleece gloves, wool hat, and scarf. He’d abandoned the down parka to the Giant Short-Faced Bear he’d encountered two weeks ago. Damn thing though he smelled like chicken!

Hoisting his overnight pack up onto his shoulders, he continued his trek southwest across the brittle plains. When he’d come through the time portal, he hadn’t expected to be thrown into the Ice Age of Austin. He’d expected to land somewhere near the late Pleistocene when things started to warm up and the harsh cold weather was tapering off. The great ice caps were supposed to be retreating northward back to Canada and Alaska, not advancing further south. He grumbled for the millionth time about sloppy calculations and poor research.

Damn graduate students!

The wind howled again, sounding almost like a voice calling him. No, wait, that was a voice!

“Doctor Sterling! Doctor Sterling!”

He looked back over his shoulder to see a figure lumbering toward him in a black parka and large backpack. He recognized both the voice and the shape of his senior grad student Cara Zephyr. What the hell was she doing here?

“It worked, Dr. Sterling! Isn’t it great?!” she crowed as she reached him, grabbing his arms and bouncing up and down like an excited puppy.

“What are you doing here? How did you get here?” he demanded harshly.

“I came to see you in your lab and saw the Temporal Adjustment Machine working so I packed my gear and followed you.” She grinned at him with lips unchapped by the harsh elements. “It really worked!”

“Yes, it worked, but there’s no way to get back. I’ve tried.”

“You’ve tried to get back?” She cocked her head. “What do you mean? How long have you been here?”

“Two weeks!”

Her eyebrows disappeared under the brim of her fleece hat. “Really? Wow!”
He wanted to shake her out of her enthusiasm. “Did you forget your return transponder?”

“My what?”

“Didn’t you read Tom’s notes?” Cara dug around in one of her voluminous pockets, withdrawing a small steel pocket watch. “Tom said he’d found that something could go through the worm hole made by the Temporal Adjustment Machine, but couldn’t come back unless there was a transponder attached to the item set to the frequency of our own time.”

She held up the open-faced watch. A digital read-out showed June 19th 2011, 09:34 LAT 30˚ 17’ N, LON 97˚44’ W.

Maybe his grad students weren’t so sloppy after all.

“Let go home.”

“But I just got here!”

“We can always come back, Cara. You just proved it.” He took her arm, leading the way.

500 words

11/7/2011 04:19:19 am

@SiobhanMuir Very creative as always, I loved it!

11/7/2011 04:29:21 am

:“Somehow he wasn't surprised that it was snowing in Austin on June 19th.”:

:“How could he not have realized it was a sign?”:

:“Dr. Zane is a rogue. He marches to his own drummer.”:

:“Well this beat is going to kill us all.”:

I rolled my eyes at the late night melodrama. I held out hope that poor special effects and shitty dialogue would overwhelm my insomnia, but I couldn’t shut my brain down.

“Still awake, Princess?”

“Yeah,” I sighed. “I can’t stop worrying that someone or something is going to find us. On the upside, I have this god awful movie to keep me company.”

A ridiculously cute, eager hum preceded him flopping down on the couch next to me. “Is it Armageddon?”

Despite my worries, I laughed.

“No,” I snickered. “It’s some ice age thing. It’s really bad.”

I started to scoot over to make more room.

“None of that now.” Gray wrapped an arm around me and tugged me practically into his lap. He combed his fingers through my hair, effectively liquefying my skeleton. I sighed at the gentle pleasure, relaxing into him.

On screen, the actors fought through a fake snowstorm to get to the shelter of an abandoned gas station. Fierce wind threatened to knock them—and possibly the entire set—down.

“I believe the gas station wall just moved,” Gray chuckled. “That’s one hell of a wind. Are you truly watching this on purpose?”

“My choices are somewhat limited at three in the morning.”

“Hmm—I have an idea.”

He lifted me up and across his lap so that I straddled him, my back to the television. Unnerved and breathless, I managed to cautiously ask, “What kind of idea?”

The flickering light from the movie made Gray’s wicked smile seem entirely devilish. His hands slid up my ribs, almost but not quite to my breasts. My breath hitched.

“For every bad line of dialogue,” he teased. “I kiss you.”

“So far that’s every line of dialogue, Gray.”

“I know. See how good my plan is?”

:“I don’t care how hard it’s snowing. I’m not dying in a gas station.”:

“Oh, that definitely merits a kiss,” he said.

He lifted his knees, tipping me forward against his chest. He’d locked his lips to mine before I could do more than squeak. The undignified sound shifted to a moan as he kissed me. And kissed me. And--

Coming up for air, I gasped, “Okay. But I think it’s only fair that for ever commercial, I kiss you.”

Gray’s smile lit up the room.

“Equitable division of labor and all,” I mumbled, feeling my cheeks burn.

He nibbled at my bottom lip. “Share the load,” he whispered.

“Exactly,” I breathed.

“You drive a hard bargain, Kelly.” In a quick move he rolled us lengthwise on the couch with him on top. He braced himself on his elbows. “But I believe I can agree to your terms.”

“We should seal the deal then.”

“With a kiss,” he agreed.

500 words

antonio angelo
11/7/2011 04:48:02 am

damn sexy cara. :)

11/7/2011 05:10:51 am

Why is it the best entries so far have been poking fun of my prompts? ;)

I agree with Antonio.

11/7/2011 05:40:40 am

Somehow he wasn't surprised that it was snowing in Austin on June 19th.He’d told her he’d come back when Hell froze over. Annie had called him begging him to come back and help her. He didn’t quite understand what she wanted but when he heard her voice on the phone it was like time turned back and she was the twenty year old Annie who needed him again.
Nobody wanted to talk about the accident but he knew that’s why it was snowing in June. Everyone that when that space junk fell and hit the nuclear power plant it really hadn’t caused a lot of flak but there was no hot summer weather in June.. He wondered if it was really safe for him to go to her. He didn’t want to get poisoned after all but his doctor had said that the borders were open again and it was safe as long as he took his radiation pills. They hadn’t parted on good terms he knew it wasn’t all her fault. She just hadn’t needed him anymore for anything and he had wanted children and she didn’t. Ten long years and not a word. She hadn’t even answered his urgent calls after the accident nine years ago and now this. He’d pulled in all his government favours just to find out if she was alive and that was all he had known nothing. What did Annie want? Reconciliation? Was that what he wanted? He’d dated in the past ten years but none of them held a candle to Annie.
He knocked at her door.
“Peter, will you stay with me?
I just nodded at Annie. Just then a whoosh of air as something rushed through Annie’s legs and grabbed him by the legs. But what was he saw nothing
“Let go now Andrew.”
Whatever had a hold of my legs shook free.
“I still can’t see this Andrew.” “Who or what is Andrew?” I asked
“Andrew is why I called you a nine year old boy needs his father.” Annie began
“Are you saying this is a child and who is his father?”
“You are his father.” Annie insisted ”You’ll stay and help us?”
As I stared at her a child became visible out of a shimmer light.
“You’re my father?” He asked
I looked at Annie for confirmation as she nodded.
“But you aren’t invisible like me either.” Andrew said with disappointment
“It was the accident some of the children in the womb were change.” Annie explained
“I can do lots of things others can’t .Mommy said you wouldn’t come back until Austin, Texas froze over so I made it snow.” Andrew explained. ”You’re staying now with us I could make you but you want to don’t you?”
I just found myself nodding. I was the father of an extraordinary powerful child who held the fate of the world in his hands. Of course I was staying if only to protect he world
499 words

11/7/2011 05:43:10 am

darn that was suppose to be if only to protect the the last line

11/7/2011 06:10:31 am

@SweetSheil very creative! Good job!

11/7/2011 12:56:19 pm

Somehow he wasn't surprised that it was snowing in Austin on June 19th. It had been a strange day from the start, first the snow, then the kidnapping, and now the hostage situation.
The sniper paused, the barrel of his rifle resting solidly on the tripod. At least there wasn’t much of it he thought as he stretched out on the rooftop. He flexed his fingers before getting comfortable and placing his hands in position. Peering through the scope he saw the target through the window across the street.
“Michaels, in position,” he whispered, his voice picked up by the throat mike he wore.
“Smith, going live now,” he heard, knowing his team member had placed the directional microphone in a position to hear what was going on in the building.
The man was prophesizing again, waving his arms with the sword in view as he spoke some nonsense about of the evil of man and the end of the world. Michaels had seen him before as he wandered the streets carrying placards with arcane references. They’d all thought him harmless with his constant babbling in some weird language that no one had understood. Hell, some professor had even commented that it was Babylonian or something in the earlier briefing. Now he was just a murderer, having killed two of the five people he’d kidnapped and herded into the office building before barricading himself in it. Who the hell kills with a sword these days? Michaels would have shaken his head would it not ruin his aim and positioning.
Michaels listened as he waited; hearing the man speak to the remaining survivors as if they were the devil themselves. What the hell is that about? What was he saying? Acedia, vainglory, wrath…? Where had he heard that before? The radio hissed, overriding the man’s ranting. Two more victims had been located that had escaped before the man barricaded himself in.
“Units on the perimeter, stand by…” He heard as the radio traffic continued.
Then the Chief came on. “Michaels, you have a green light, but I want a clean shot, there are still survivors.”
“Acknowledged,” he whispered, cradling the rifle as he watched his target and listened. The man came into view and his finger tightened on the trigger as he breathed out to steady himself.
“I tell you now,” he heard the man say as the sword rose in the air, “it’ll be a cold day in hell before I let the likes of you return to this Ear…” Crack… the bullet broke the window and the man toppled. Michaels exhaled as he watched the units rush in.
Then he remembered what they were. The words, sins, that was it, the Seven Deadly Sins. Suddenly Michael felt the cold reach deeper, the guy had been crazy, hadn’t he? He felt a pain deep in the pit of his stomach. Something didn’t feel right and then it began snowing harder. It was cold, far colder than it should have been.

500 words @dryadsgarden


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