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Untitled by Kimberly Gould
Excerpt from Fifty Shades of Fae by Angelica Dawson
The Tester by Megan Clark
The Keeper by Kayla West
Untitled by Lupus Anthropos
Untitled by J M Filipowicz
Old School Rules by Bullish Ink
Untitled by Alissa Leonard
Untitled by Ryan Strohman
Untitled by Marie Frizelle
No Place near Home by Jeffrey Hollar
Strangers in a very Strange Land by Wakefield Mahon

Comments from your Host

Thank you to everyone who made submitted this week.  I enjoyed every piece and I’m sure our readers did as well.  A number of your scenes hinted at longer stories which I’m excited to see when they are complete.  I would especially like to thank our guest judge Vic Kerry for stopping by to serve as an impartial judge.  Now on to the results.

Honorable Mentions

The following entries earned an honorable mention from out judge and will automatically be entered in the drawing for a paperback copy of Song Stories: Volume I after it is released next month.

Megan Clark for The Tester and Alissa for her strange take on two classic stories The Wizard of Oz and Little Red Riding Hood.


The winner of this week’s contest and a kindle copy of Song Stories:Volume 1 is Lupus Anthropos.  Here’s what Judge Vic Kerry had to say:

Lupus Anthropos [wins] for his hilarious romp through 1980's cheesy pop hits. So here it is:

by Lupus Anthropos


"I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."

"That's what I said: 'Toto.' Can't you tell?"

"What's to tell? We've been wandering around here all day and it's all starting to look the same to me."

"Seriously? Haven't you been paying attention?"

"Seriously. Look: you've got ten years on me. Sure, I've HEARD a lot of this before, but I have never SEEN it before. I can't always make the connections."

"So Kansas, Chicago, Boston - it just doesn't really matter to you?"

"Not really - just as long as it's America."

"No. America's not at this concert. Today, it's just Kansas, Chicago, Boston and Toto. Toto is the group that's playing now. They're singing 'Africa.'"

"Africa! Then we're definitely NOT in Kansas anymore!"

3/12/2013 11:13:58 pm

Thanks for the honorable mention!

3/13/2013 04:39:52 am

I have to admit, Lupus made me snicker with that one. It was clever.


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